Fantasize About Being Spanked in Front of Pretty Women I Know

I am a happily married man, in my early 40's, and for as long as I can remember I have had a spanking fetish (including spanking ladies, witnessing their spankings, and as of late to be spanked them) . I doubt this would ever happen (and if it did perhaps I'd be absolutely mortified and in hindsight wished it hadnt), but I so want to be spanked by a woman... and have my embarrassing bare-bottom spanking witnessed by other women...including some women who I know. YIKES!!! Perhaps I lose a bet to them, or perhaps they 'gang up on me' to give me a birthday spanking, I read a story on line once about a guy about my age whose long-time friend, (an older woman) ran into him at a bar one afternoon on the guy's birthday while he was having some drinks with his guy friends. Their wives would be joining them later. So after a few drinks his older woman friend jokingly says she should give him a 'long over-due' birthday spanking. Well the joke gets laughed at and discussed a bit and next thing he knows, she is marching him into the ladies room, pulling his pants down to his ankles, placing her skirted leg up a chair, and bending him over it and spanking his underwear - all in good fun. He is embarrassed but kind of turned on enough to not put up too much resistance. Anyway, the spanking progresses to where his underwear is pulled down, baring his bottom completely, and of course every woman who walks into the restroom has a quite an initial shock (!) but then lets out a little teasing giggle or a good laugh. Each of the ladies is invited to lend her pretty 'helping hand' which they are all eager and excited to do. At some point the guy realizes that his friends' wives are due to show up at any time and word is likely getting out in the bar among the women that 'there is a handsome guy getting a bare bottom birthday spanking in the ladies room. The guy's head starts spinning as he now is thinking 'do I put an end to this here and now before the wives start coming in?' or 'am I secretly hoping that the pretty ladies are next to open that door and walk in on us?' The guy opts to let the spanking go on..and he spends the next few minutes of his spanking both dreaming about and being absolutely mortified at the thought of "Sherri" or "Laura" or "Jennifer" being the next woman to walk in. Anyway sure enough one by one each of his friends' pretty wives, who he's secretly crushed over and flirted with over the years, dressed in their sexy short skirts and high heels come walking in on him. Initially shocked, OMG hand over mouth, but then smiling giggling and teasing him while eagerly participating. They catching a glimpse of his excitement, and a few are bold enough to not just give some well delivered crisp sharp smacks to his shamelessly exposed rear end, but to give him a little squeeze and tug and tease him for being a naughty boy and enjoying his spanking too much. Lucky Guy!!! I could so picture several lady friends of mine I wouldn't mind being spanked by on my bare bottom. How over the top embarrassing it would be...but what a rush!!! (gulp... I think)

Apr 25, 2016

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  • My girlfriend spanks me across her knee on my bare bottom, but she has never done it in front of other women. However once she gave me several hard smacks on the seat of my jeans in front of a woman friend of ours. I had not done anything to provoke her, I guess she just wanted to show that she has the right to smack my bottom any time she wants.

  • My girl will spank u

  • Thank you... can you or she give some details? where is she first of all? age? can I get her email or yours? or give you mine?

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