Alone for 4 years

That I was molested for four years by my grandfather and no one knew about it. It was until I got diagnosed with PTSD that I told my parents why I was distressed and nervous and always angry all the time. I use to hide myself in a closet for days because my grandpa would stay every summer. I felt so alone those four years because towards the last year i told my friend and he thought i was kidding. I wanted to attempt suicide for many years after that. I don't know how to deal with my problems or myself. it seems just no one actually cared at the time. My mom threw me out of the family after i told her that my grandpa was molesting me. I never confessed these feelings to anyone.

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  • My granddad molested me too. He begin when I was a toddler. When I was ten I told my mama. Mama said 'so what? he did it to me too...just keep your mouth shut!'

  • I'm sorry to hear that, I really want to beat up molesters. My gf was molested, I am so freaking eager to beat up those kinds of people to the point that they are dying. My gf lacks confidence with herself. She has been miserable and easily felt nervous when a guy he doesn't know goes near her. I wish i was there when that happened to you and my gf.

  • Its rape tell the police and you grandad would be taken to jail
    Ps I feel sorry for you.

  • awe im so sorry that happened

  • Check out - maybe be a good start to healing. It wasn't your fault and you shouldn't keep what happened a secret.

  • It's a terrible thing, and causes a lot of damage to a woman. In my opinion, counseling is the best bet. To have help in getting through it is a boon beyond words. You deserve better than being hurt for the rest of your life because of a criminal act. You can win over the damage and become a greater person. Others have done so. You can to, and you deserve a happy life in spite of the awful thing you went through. Believe in yourself. You can rise beyond all this. My heart goes out to you.

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