Well, every time I'm near my grandpa, I get hard and just have an urge to put large, parasitic worms into my a***. The puss that comes out smells like ass, but tastes soo good... me and my grandpa eat it every time it oozes out, and we put it in a cup, and stir slowly, adding in sugar to sweeten it, and I like to think of it as a glass of tea, while me and my grandpa sip on nice cups of a*** puss.

Is this weird? I thought everyone does it, but I've had about 50 people tell me no, and that I'm a freak, and it annoys me, because I always tell them to try it, but they don't want to, even though they would never know what it feels like...

Dec 22, 2011

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  • ...you're joking...right?

  • If this is just a thought; keep it in your head.

  • That is weird. It is not normal. Get help.

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