The f****** people that live above my apartment have a f****** dog. The piece of s*** scratches on the ground a ceiling a lot. Seems like they play with it. I tried many times to hit the ceiling hard enough but happens everyday. I wish I could just walk up there and slit the throats of the entire family, then set the f****** dog on fire.

If you have pets, live on the f****** ground floor. F***.

Feb 28, 2012

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  • I feel the same way about children, and unlike dogs no apartments will ever turn them away because breeders will whine about discrimination at the drop of a hat. Move somewhere where it's kids making your life miserable, and then try the "set it on fire" trick. I want to see pictures.

  • Been there and done that! Except it was Two Kids Roller Skating! Yeah I used the Trusty Mop Handle and banged away like you do. Finally I moved and NEVER again would I rent an Apartment where I wasn't on the Top Floor.

  • Life for you sounds like it would be much better if you just went with your first instinct. Life's to short to deal with bad neighbors so you should definitely make theirs shorter.

  • LMAO your so funny was laughing my head off at the whole story. lol your a phsyco though lol. try posting food through the letterbox laced with rat poison or strong laxative so the dog will find and eat, it will either drop dead or cover their house in dog s*** depending what you put down, either way your problem will be solved.

  • You're making a bigger deal about this then it has to be. Your neighbors are not mind readers. They probably have no idea what it sounds like. You have to go upstairs and calmly talk to them. I understand the noise thing. I love dogs. I had an upstairs neighbor and she was playing ball with her dog and the repetitive sound of the ball toss and the dog running for it was driving me crazy. So I went up the next day and we chatted. She apologized and it it was kept to a minimum.

  • How about going upstairs and asking talking to them? If that doesn't work, call the management. Killing them is an option in about 200never.

  • buy a dog whistle and blow it every night to cause the dog to bark...or maybe by a CD that has high pitched frequencies to irritate the dog to bark....eventually, the neighbors will get rid of the dog.


  • or just play the CD when the dogs scratches...turn it up LOUD....only the dog can hear it anyhow...he will stop

  • I have an idea. Walk up there and politely ask them to play lighter or not at all after a certain hour. If they don't its still not the dogs fault because after all , he's a doooooog.

  • Thanks for the advice. I went up there 10 mins ago and the guy said he would try to keep it in the cage and that he was sorry. On the other hand it looks like a Michael Vick Heaven up there, they have a bunch of dogs or some sort of animals in there; I think its illegal. Who cares, so long as I can sleep.

  • why dont you go back up there and f*** the dog

  • why dont you, you obviously want to if your speaking about it.

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