I hate girls

Sorry if my grammar is bad, im using a phone. btw its not rlly a secret.

One day at school (Grade 1) this stupid yet pretty girl came up and sat beside me, i was a kid and shy so i did nothing. But that girl had anger issues. She asked me if i could tell her the answer to a question and I said no, then out of nowhere she grabs MY arm and literally bent it and ended up breaking it. I ran to the office and got suspended for hurting her. (Yes i did go to the hospital though) And thats when I started swearing and you all know why. Now, my thought on girls, (Excuse my language) s**** them useless slobs that help no one and s*** in our toilets and back-sass us but they are little b******. They just get away with anything. And get anything they want, whenever they want it.
You dont have to believe me.
Please comment youre thoughts.
:D Ps. If you didnt know im a guy.

Feb 28, 2012

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  • Well I think it's stupid not to like girls just because one girl was a bully .
    So go be gay if you don't like us

  • To be honest, Im a girl feminist that believes in feminism because we, men and women should be equal in EVERY WAY= that girl should be suspended!! not you! Women are equally bad as men. We shouldn't get priorities in those types of situations.

  • how old r u? cuz if ur going thru puberty then you wont hate gals for long

  • I hope u dont h8 all girls because i dont no y but ur really turning me on <3 xx ;)

  • I think that you should not hate ALL girls but just hate the one that broke your arm...... and btw do u hate girls that are very kind and dead sexy? If I had a d*** and I saw a girl that was very kind and dead sexy and she liked me i would be f***** that p**** ALL night long. I know im very kind and dead sexy boys at school tell me that im dead sexy and they would f*** me all night long and im only in 7th grade and i wear double D cups.

    Think about it.

  • I am a girl and what happend to you was wrong. But don't decide you hate all girls because all girls aren't gonna break your arm and get you into trouble...:)

  • If you did what she said you wouldn't have got hurt!

  • try to put your d*** in their p**** and let see if you still hate girls

  • Chances are... you are gay.

  • chances are, u are too cuz ur thinkin for it

  • omg so you dnt s*** you have a b******* thats only use iz to get pickles stuck in :O

  • I hate girls too, they're such meanies. Come over to my place and I'll show you that guys are much better :3

  • What do you mean, s*** in our toilets? Everybody knows girls don't p***.

  • Can I put my p**** in your butt? You know, seeing as you're gay.

  • You know what f*** off thats not even fair when you probably dont even know the guy. Besides we both know that ur f***** gay and want to f*** his b******* dirty basterd

  • seeing as ur gay cuz ur asking for it.

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