I don't get it

I don't get why, all my life, girls don't give me a chance. I'm the type of guy that girls complain about not meeting - a NICE guy. I got nothing but respect for them and for a lot of girls - s** comes last or not even on my mind because I'm too crazy about THEM & just wanna be with them, and I would spend all day loving & appreciating them a h*** of a lot more than other guys would. I'd tell em they're beautiful all the time no matter how she looks (just hate when girls wear lipstick), I'd give them massages/rub their feet multiple times everyday without them having to ask, I'd open the car door for them, always pay as long as I have money, and just spoil em - do anything & everything in the world for them; Most of all, never cheat & always be honest with them - I hate lying anyways. But, every girl I come across is either taken or not interested & won't give me a chance. It's ok for us to talk & be friends but the second they find out I like them, everything ends right there. And I know I definitely can't be ugly. I don't work out (yet) but I do my best to keep my weight under control. And I'm not gonna lie, my d*** may not be as big as others but it's good enough. If it helps, I get hard a lot too (including in my sleep). Also do have a crazy side ;) In a way, I could care less about being with someone, I just want someone who'll let me take care of em & appreciate em and will make me happy & show me they care. And when we see & hug each other, I want us to hug as long & tightly as we want. Main thing I've always been crazy about that drives me nuts about not being in relationships, is that I love b**** & would love to suck on them for once. Just once experience everything every other guy in the world has. And I've always felt alone my whole life - each time I get turned down & give up, I get depressed. Don't understand why I'd be given a life like that. But the next day comes and I try again & again. Lastly, I love playing games (Mainly Xbox, but also Playstation cuz of family & some friends), shooting pool; eating cheese foods, chicken tenders & pizza; and I listen to anything that sounds good to me, not afraid to say who I listen to.

Sep 3, 2014

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  • I to am like you and like you married the first girl that gave me any attention, had three kids by her and got divorced cuz I caught her f****** not only the neighbor but our friends as well. I have an above average size c*** so that wasn't the reason she just wanted more and more and she could spend more than I earned every month and in fact we had over 80K in the bank and she went thru that in three months and had nothing to show for it. It was a nasty divorce and I got the h*** out of Dodge so to speak and to this day any of our three kids wont give me the time of day, Oh well I moved on. Never have had a serious relationship since, dated a few times but no real commitments, I am just uneasy around girls, like the old saying goes " you can't live with them, but you can't live without them either" Mu biggest problem is I put women on a pedestal and worship them for I love my c*** buried deep into them for the feelings are tremendous but they end up taking advantage of me, so f*** them that's all they are good for anyway.

  • I was just like you when I was young. Except I knew why girls wouldn't give me a chance - I was fat. But I lost a lot of weight in my 20s, and finally started getting attention from the women. I did something foolish though - and this is my warning to you - I was so excited to finally have my first girlfriend that I married her. I've never even so much as kissed another woman, and now I can't. Twelve years and three children later, I'm really wishing I had at least dated other women a little more before settling down.

  • Find a nice girl at a church There are tons of lady's that want a man like you !

  • You are a homosexual. The girls know it.

  • Get out of the closet. You're a f*****.

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