My love tragedy in a Philippian beach

My name is Steve. Although it took a lot out of me to decide whether or not to post this, I finally decided that I need to share my love tragedy. I found simillar confessions in this very site although they didn't end up being so tragic, so I picked this site as the best site to confess the tale of my love.

It was 2006. It was the year of freedom for me and my friend Joel, as we were just done with our University. We decided to go to Philippine to spend our holiday and picked Panglao beach as the perfect spot, as we loved diving. There we booked a really nice resort, the name of which I am not mentioning. We were to stay for two weeks. For the first three days we would spent the entire ay time in the beach, while night time sleeping in our cozy resort. Then on the fourth day I got up really early. It was past sun rise. I tried to go back to sleep, but my eagerness to go to the beach prevented me from doing so. So I tried to wake Joel, but he was such a heavy sleeper, that he wouldn’t wake until 10, although we returned to the resort at 2 am. So I gave up. It was barely 6. I made my way to the beach alone, wearing a jacket over my tank top and long trousers over my shorts. These were to be removed when I reached the beach, and so they were. I was enjoying the cool breeze. To my left there were a few people, but to my right it was almost completely empty. There was only one person there. It was a female figure. As I went closer, I saw it was a beautiful Philippian girl aged only between 10-12 standing in front of the sea, allowing the waves to flow through her beautiful feet. Suddenly I became I had a strong urge to go even closer to her and ended up standing right behind her. Seeing my shadow she turned around in amazement. Then I noticed her beautiful innocent face. She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. Her long beautiful silky black hair reflecting the sunshine, sparkling black eyes that were equally beautiful and her beautiful fare skin. But what impressed me most were her wet tinny but sharp feet hair. I knew a little bit of her native language. I came to Philippine five nine years back with my family, and my dad’s Philippian friend taught me. So I asked her what was she doing in the beach all alone, so early in the morning. Her reply was long and it tore through my heart. She always loved coming here since she was smaller and her parents never refused to bring her here, as she was their only child. But her mom and dad died when she was 8, in a tragic car accident. Since then she was living with her aunt and uncle who would not bring her here. So she would come all by herself in the morning during her holidays, as the beach would remind her about her parents. Then she broke down in tears, and I started to comfort her. As I moved my hand through her beautiful silky hair, I was finding it hard to stop myself from doing so, and this cheered her up. She asked whether I would to dive in the water with her, and I didn’t refuse. We dove in, and she proved to be a pretty talented swimmer. We then started playing in the water throwing water to each other. Before we departed we kissed, it was her first. As for me I broke up with my second girl friend, just a couple of months back and had a hatrate towards the female kind since then. But meeting her all that hatrate of mine was burnt away. Her name was Imee btw. I was gifted with a good look that could impress any girl I wanted.
Back at the resort, 11 am. I found Joel waiting. He asked me where had I been. I told him that I went to the beach but didn’t tell anything about Imee, and he could tell by looking at my face that I was hiding something. He asked me whether I would go to the beach again, I said I was tired now, maybe later and so he left alone. I spent the rest of the day lying on the bed thinking about Imee, and eventually fell asleep. At night I once again visited the beach with Joel, and made sure we stayed there for a long time so that Joel would wake up late in the morning. We returned to the resort and fell asleep, and I managed to wake up before 7. Joel was still asleep, and I rushed to the beach. I found Imee standing on the same place as yesterday. I wanted to surprise her, but like yesterday she noticed my shadow. We started talking about our life, and at a certain point I confessed my feelings for her. She blushed, and then with a positive smile on her face, she rushed to the water yelling catch me if you can! I ran after her, caught her, slipped and fell with her. We laid there hugging and kissing each other, and at certain intervals water flew through us. Then after that I massaged her entire body, especially her beautiful feet. At one point I was lying completely over her, my p**** stuck on her tight but ``````. At first she was moaning in pain, but then got through and enjoyed it as much as I did. She was very strong for her age. By the time we were done, our bodies were entirely covered by wet sand. Fortunately we found no one watching and after yet another kiss she ran away. I also made my way to the resort. But I was astonished that Joel wasn’t there, and neither were his bag packs. Later that day I had a phone call, and it was Joel. I learnt that when I got up in the morning, Joel wasn’t sleeping at all but pretending. He followed me and watched the scene from afar was disgusted although I knew he was actually jealous. He called me a pedophile, and said he had no wish to stay with me and the only reason he wasn’t turning me in was that he was my friend. He had left to the city, and told me to meet him in the air port on the day of our flight. Although on the phone I expressed guilt, in reality I was really happy and thought that now I found the perfect place to be alone with Imee. I really loved her tight v*****, which made her the best partner I ever had, She was alo my third and final.
From then on I and Imee would only use the beach for playing and then bring her to my resort safely and have s** there. Day by day our love grew deeper and deeper. The two day before the day of my flight when I told Imee that I was leaving, she became very tearful. I cheered her up by making funny faces, and we planned to spend the night together in the resort, my last night at Panglao beach. She left her house when her uncle and aunt were fast asleep, while I made sure that coast was clear. Then I escorted her to the resort, which by then was like my own home. Then we spend the night like husband and wife. We left to the beach by 8 am, after the most enjoyable sleep we ever had. There we had one last kiss. Her eyes looked even more beautiful when tearful. We promised to meet each other again, and not to look at any other men or women. I was hers alone, and she was mine alone and if we were to marry we would marry each other. We parted our ways waving good bye. I returned to the resort, packed my bags and by evening left Panglao beach which by then was like my own home. I met up with Joel at the air port the next day and he said that he was sorry for being so harsh. I said it was ok and I knew he was jealous. All he said was that I still did not get my mistake, and we never spoke about that topic again. Four years later, in 2010 I went to Philippine, this time alone to be with Imee again. I missed her a lot in these four years and did not even look at another woman. This was my third visit, and my worst. I learnt the shocking news that Imee died in 2008 after accidentally falling from the roof. She was four months to 14. After hearing the news I went hawyare. My heart was about to rip out of my body. But in the end I managed to control myself. I remembered that one day I had been very depressed, Imee cheered me up by saying that I wouldn’t like it if she was depressed, neither did she want to see me depressed, and we promised each other to always be happy. The day before my flight I visited her grave with flowers and a smile. I really missed kissing her, so before I left I kissed her tombstone. As of now that was my last visit to Philippine, I am planning to go their again someday. My friends and family members always have since tried to pursued me to get married, but my reply was always no so they gave up. Like today, I want to live the rest of my life with memories of my one true love Imee.

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