He is not the father of my children

Let me start by saying that I love my husband Matt more than the world.

We had been trying for 4 years to have a baby. The usual way wasn't working for us, so we had 5 rounds of IVF. None of these were successful. We decided to give up trying for now, to tale the pressure off. Planning a baby had exhausted us financially, and life seemed all about trying to conceive.

My husband is an identical twin. His twin is married and has a beautiful little girl. It hit me one day, while watching Matt play with his niece... Genetically, he and Joel are the same.

My husband travels for work. He occasionally goes interstate for important clients. When he was away, I put my plan into action. I phoned Joel and told him that my car wouldn't start and needed him to look at it for me. But when he arrived, I ran him through my idea. It was a little awkward to bring it up, but having a baby was taking over our world.

I asked him if he would consider helping us out, as this would be the ultimate gift he could do for us. He didn't hesitate. He took me by the hand, and led me to my bed. He was such an amazing lover. He was so tender and passionate. We made love for hours. He exploded in me so many times. It was so different from my mundane s** life. I felt alive. He touched me in all the right places, and the way he worked his tongue made me lose it... time after time

Well 6 weeks later, I discovered I was pregnant. My brother in law was the father to my baby. My pregnancy was a dream. Matt was besotted with every stage of the pregnancy, and was even more besotted when he held our baby for the first time.

Joel and his wife came to visit that afternoon. Joel shook Matt's hand, and congratulated him on becoming a father. He held our baby girl, and I saw the way he looked at her. He handed her back to Matt and told him that his baby looked just like her daddy. And she did.

2 years later, Joel came around to help fix my oven while Matt was away again. Again, we had an afternoon that was steamy. He made me feel like a woman should, to the point that my body was shaking.

Matt and I have just welcomed our baby boy into the world. He also looks just like his daddy. The only thing is, it's not the daddy that everyone believes. I could never thank Joel enough for the gift he gave to his brother and I. He has given us 2 beautiful miracles. And he left me with 2 of the most passionate moments in my life

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  • Wow that is so hot, and he gave you 2 kids, when are you both planning the 3rd ?

  • She's lying. The baby was born black and Matt left her ass. She spends all day playing that Gwen Stefani "Wouldn't That Be Sweet" song just praying he'll come back and support her and her little monkey, since the real daddy wouldn't pay support even if he weren't locked up.

  • this will come back to destroy you one day.

  • ^ yup one day its all gonna come out

  • Wow you b**** you should have discussed this with your husband the truth always comes out and when it does you will be sorry or are you so dumb to actually believe that Joel will never get tired of the ultimate betrayal he has committed against his brother, a secret this big and only be kept a secret for so long

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