Got even with my evil, cheating wife

She's a cheating **, but I'm still here because of my two kids. I caught her cheating on me several times, each time she begged for forgiveness, then went on and still ** the other guy.

My revenge? I now have three children with two other women.

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  • Men who get cheated on usually have serious mental and/or impotence issues. Men cheat all the time, but it takes a ** of a lot for a woman to be like ** this, I'm gonna sleep with another man. Dudes who get cheated on are usually desperate pansies who can't get their ** up and have no ability to satisfy women in any way whatsoever.

  • Well your an **

  • Yup I'll bet your a good father involved in all 5 children lives too. I also bet you can't pay for 5 children's rearing either

  • You got that right

  • Dude, you could just left her and gotten custody of your two kids and ** her best friend.
    But instead you chose to impregnate two women and have three kids? I take it you aren't living with them, so I guess that means you're now paying child support.
    And your wife is oblivious....

    Doesn't sound like much of a win to me.

  • Absolutely😂

  • When I caught Bev she begged not to take the kids and swore she would do any thing if I forgave her. Three weeks later I sent her bf pictures of her and three black men **, her sucking their **, he's a red neck seeing her like that will ruin her for him. Not for me every few months get her drunk and high in a motel room so me and three or four young black guys give it to her good.

  • Ha ha priceless!

  • I love these relationships you have. I hope you have more. I'm a married woman and would love to give a married man a revenge baby that my husband would never know wasn't his own. Totally hot and totally **.

  • Go find some more ** to knock up. There are plenty that would love the attention.

  • Manly.

  • You determine this is revenge, why? You're hurting the children and your finances. The more children you have, the poorer you'll become financially.

    Don't you think your children deserve to have the rime and affection from a responsible father? Your children didn't choose to be conceived, it took two idiots to conceive them. Children shouldn't be conceived out of vengeful and lustful **, but out of love.

    You're foolish and reckless. Plus, stop ** without disregard to your health and those you spill your seed in! They're just as reckless! Children won't be the only thing you'll be having. Perhaps, Aids and STD's!

  • I don't blame you. She had it coming.

  • How lucky for those children to have a lame a$$ piece of sh*t for a father.

  • ^ Exactly! Yea, I don't get how having children is getting revenge? She keeps cheating.. Does she know about these kids? She probably cheats because she married your sorry **.

  • I have a revenge child with a married man. These things do happen.

  • You are a doofus

  • Yes it does happen. Divorce was out of the question, so I wanted an affair. I found two divorced women that wanted children, but nothing more than FWB. I doesn't surprise me that married women are sometimes trapped and do the same.

  • Some married individuals

  • So fake

  • If you say so. I have baby pics, but for obvious reasons I won't ever post them.

  • She's a nasty piece. She had it coming.

  • Hows having children with other women revenge she doesnt have to look after them!

  • Agree with this commenter, how is this revenge? She's not paying support on them, you are (or will be).

  • Lol well said :)

  • I love it. Really LOVE it! And yes, that really is the sweetest revenge imaginable!!!! Does your wife know about any of the other children? Do either of the two mothers know about the other? Please tell us more about how you pulled this off!! PLEASE! You really ARE the man!!!

  • The evil cheat has no idea that I have three kids outside of marriage. The other women know I'm married, but don't know about one another. No child support, the other women are divorced and gainfully employed. I ended the relationship with the woman who had one kid with me, I have an ongoing relationship with the second woman.

  • God, that is SOOOOOOO incredibly **! You are such a BOSS! Have you thought of establishing a relationship with a third woman outside your marriage and having another child with her? I hope you will do that, and I hope you'll share the deets with us here! Good on you!

  • So you think bringing kids into your ** up life is some how punishing your cheating wife that doesn't give a rats ** about you ? The only ones hurt are the children, you already said she knows nothing about the other children.

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