Evil Woman

There is a woman with brown hair with red color with glasses who is being extremely rude and mocking people for no reason. F*** that a******.

Oct 28

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  • Il tell u about a evil woman last year i met a woman in a bar . we ended up back in her place . wasnt long before we start touching eachother n her undressing all sexy she was mad for it but during any thing we were doing she keep saying a real man . love it .f*** me hard . so i did and be honest she was good .but i felt something strange going on way she going on . thenni heard grunts . whats that . only my husband .what . she got up n pulled back curtain to reveal man in bed looking at everything we doing . what the f*** . oh thats my husband he was in bad car accident and now i care for him . ah whats going on . he was abusive and hurtful from day i married him and now its time to avenge him . what a set up . i didnt like it atall . but truth i went back 6 times .

  • Fart

  • This is what happens when you let obama into the white house lol

  • Lol Obama hasn't been in the White House for a very long time lol you ret@rd

  • And there is no date on when this apparent confession happened incel

  • It's in the new confessions r3tard, having fun Liking your own posts?

  • I like your mum when she rides on top, I always like my posts inside her

  • Only boys whose b@lls haven't dropped yet use the "your mum" dodge

  • Shame he could not dodge his dad's syphilis

  • What about her b**** and ass you forgot to mention that

  • Is she black????
    No disrespect to the apes.... African American

  • Palm Springstard is off her meds again. REPORTED

  • I agree. f*** her. She should be f*****. She must be f*****. must be f*****. and I think she needs it IMHO

  • Shut up.

  • YOU shut up!

  • GTFO

  • Oh, yeah. "Evil Woman". I remember when Black Sabbath released that song. I am actually THAT old. And Ozzy STILL rules!!

  • Excellent band
    ( I'm an old git too ! ).
    Good on you mate for injecting some humour into the conversation.
    Here in Great Britain we're bored with all the bollocks about Trump and Biden.
    Personally I think Trump is a racist bully boy control freak.
    The world will be a safer place if he loses.
    I've been hoping that someone would assassinate the c***.
    And no I'm not black.
    I just don't like racists or bullies.

  • The world will be a much cleaner, quieter place when his mindless hillbilly minions are exterminated like the vermin they are

  • Death to red necks

  • I don't care if they die or not i just want them all to just STFU about Dino T. Rump.

    Oh wait, they won't. Tittybabies only know how to screech or throw tantrums, they aren't capable of anything else.

  • Does dumb dumb want gum gum

  • I'll go that.

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