Being single

When I was single, I used to think I was lonely and that I wanted a man. Now that I have been in a relationship for quite some time now, I realize just much I enjoyed being single. Relationships are overrated.

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  • It's call imaturity, insecurity, and low self worth.... and most young people go through that stage in life... believeing that thay need a significant other in order to feel accepable, worthy and secure in there daily social circles....

  • I think men could say the same thing about women. I think everybody who is in a relationship misses being single at least a little bit. I know I do. Just the simple fact of being able to watch WHATEVER you want on TV and not have to consider what he wants to watch? Freaking priceless. And I kissed that goodbye over ten years ago.

  • Relationships aren't overrated. Men are.

  • LOL If men are over rated then you must have over rated them in your own mind somewhere along the line, unless you're one of those people who just listen to what others believe and tell you, and just accept it with out question or research on your own part.... in that case you may not know what your talking about and your observation is in adequate.

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