Single until married?

Do most people think that one is single until they are actually married?
If so, are they open and honest with their partner about their definition of being single, or do they just have multiple partners without regard for their partner's feelings?

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  • Marriage is just letting d********* churches and government to get involved with ur s** life guess what its none of there f****** business

  • Single until the engagement ring goes on. Once that's on you are committed only to each other. Before that, f*** all you want.

  • If all guys think that way, I'm staying "single" forever.

  • It's an individual thing. Not all men, think this way.
    Plus, men aren't your only option :)

  • Men are my only option. I'm straight and not attracted women.

  • That's a shame :-)

  • This seems to have changed since I was first married.

    I had a few dates with a girl and turned out she was dating several other guys. I felt a little peeved at first but took a bit of a pause and talked to her. I'm now kind of used to the idea. Just the modern way I guess.

  • I can only speak for myself and not anyone else, on this topic. I'm unmarried, but in a committed relationship. So I'm not single.

    There are various relationship dynamics, in our modern society.
    Each to their own :)

  • ^ Totally true ^. And I also agree that you needn't share your relationship history with anyone, not even in anticipation of marriage. If it matters to someone where you've been and who (and how many) you've been with, they don't care about you: they only care about themselves.

  • I don't agree with the relationship history comment. It may be for you, but not for everyone, and most people who go by that tend to have a large body count or something to hide. It's good to know who and how many people a partner has been with so that one can be aware. I do not wish to share my body with someone who has shared their body with everyone or people whose names they don't even recall. I'm not promiscuous, I've never had casual s** and I've never been with my same s**, and I do not want a partner who has done those things. There is nothing wrong with caring about oneself enough to know what they are getting into. Self-love and care for self first does not negate love and care for another.

  • It's good to have morals and values.
    But when the heart and feelings are involved, it's not as easy.

    If you was emotionally and sexually attracted to someone and you became good friends with them, wouldn't you date them because of their sexually history?
    If yes, you're shallow minded and judgmental.

  • Developing a foundation of true friendship and values in God are priority and could possibly overshadow someone's past when considering a life partner, but that is extremely rare. I just wouldn't want to involve myself romantically with a promiscuous or loose type of person. I've witnessed far too many horror stories to set myself up for disaster, from men discovering years later that they have children from past one night stands, to discovering they have aids or hiv despite it not showing up in early tests, and using protection but contracting and spreading herpes and other stds. Loving oneself enough to not put oneself in harm's way is not shalliw minded or judgmental. It's selfish for one to risk another person's health and cause heartbreak just to fulfill their fantasies. People shouldn't waste other people's time and play games with someone they know do not agree with or follow that promiscuous lifestyle.

  • I feel sad for you :-(

    Good luck and god bless

  • Feel sad for yourself. A person does not have to think like the masses. Just because everyone else does the same thing or thinks the same way does not make them right or better than those who oppose those views.

  • I'm all for conformity, I encourage it. The reasons why I feel sad for you, isn't for the reasons you may presume. I'm afraid, the reasons would be pointless to explain to you.

    I still wish you a happy and fulfilling life :)

  • I meant I don't agree with conformity lol just done a nightshift and my mind is scrabbled x

  • F*** your made up immoral f*** of a god

  • Each to their own

  • I agree :-)

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