I hate being a single father

I have 3 kids and I love them, but I'm over being a single dad. It's beyond stressful, they all want different things at the same g****** time, all the time. I have no chance in the dating pool because who wants a single man with 3 kids? No one. F*** my life.

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  • I don't have to be like wern! I am not like that evil preditory brigs.

  • As a young female in her twenties that just broke up with a non-compromising baby daddy with two boys (ugh) I have to agree. Some men have no shot. Try looking for women WITH kids already.

  • As a woman with no kids, here's my opinion. The problem about single dads is because most of them demand their partners to do all the sacrifices in order to fit in their kids' lives. That should be the opposite, specially if they are dating a woman with no kids. Just by entering in a relationship like that, she will be doing a bunch of sacrifices. Because she will enter in a family who is not hers, she will give love to your kids, but won't be allowed to discipline them when they behave badly, since she is not the mom. She will have to sacrifice time with you because of your kids. She will help your kids with homework, but won't be the one to be called at school for a mother's day surprise. She will face all of that because she loves you. The question is: what are YOU willing to sacrifice to her well being in return? One tip is: Never set levels of priority. Your kids presentation at school can't be more important than your girlfriend's birthday. They must be treated equally! That's crucial if you want to keep your partner. I see a lot of guys making sure EVERYTHING in their babies' lives is perfect before they turn their attention to their partner's needs. What makes a woman run from a single dad is exactly that, the feeling of being treated as second priority. That's awful not being able to make plans (either on short or long term) since every couple's decision is vulnerable to be changed in order to make sure his kids' lives are perfect. So, before entering in a relationship, make sure you can give emotional stability to your partner, instead of constant uncentainty. Be consistent when you make plans. If you think that is too much, remember there are a bunch of single men with no kids that automatically offer those things just to start. Other option is dating a single mother, but I can't give my opinion about that, since it's not my case. Sorry if I offended you somehow, but I suppose you asked for the truth, so that's it. Wish you best luck!

  • "remember there are a bunch of single men with no kids that automatically offer those things just to start." - YES. Single dads need to remember no man is irreplaceable and in the society we live in, young WOMEN are the prize and there are a lot of men waiting in the wings for the same girl you're making a second priority.

  • I was dad beginning from when my daughters were 3/4. I did my best, put them in good schools,got help from my parents,and they are now married and am a grandpa x3. My younger daughter got a nursing license from a community college and my older one is finishing up from a prestigious university. Yes some women are picky,but I dated those who accepted the fact that I am a single father. Right now,I have shared custody of two little sons from another relationship.The most wonderful woman in my life helps me with them during my visitation,which I am uncomfortable about at times.But I appreciate her efforts daily. Things will get better,have hope and good luck.

  • I was single dad beginning from when my daughters were 3/4

  • Please don't write yourself off this way. There are plenty of single women who might be interested in dating you. What you seem to need to do is build your support system a lot more so that you have someone to watch the kids why you enjoy some free time out to date and socialize. Do also consider joining a single parenting group near you. Your life will eventually improve. Hang in there!

  • Stop your whining and suck it up buttercup! I know many women who have become step-parents to children. I was once one myself. I won't lie, it wasn't easy at first, the oldest daughter wanted mom and dad back together and she would complain about everything. She actually complained that I made scrambled eggs once while camping instead of poached like her mom? Long story short, I became her best ally and we grew very close because I cared more about the kids then their dad. He passed away, and their mom and I remained friends. Just choose wisely. Not all hope is lost - also, read the purpose driven life!

  • With that attitude, yea.. you're not going to get many dates. Being a parent is tough. Maybe looking at dating sites and putting yourself out there, you may even be able to find a single mother who's ready for more. You never know until you try. But keep in mind, no matter who you may meet those three kids are your top priorities. And for any woman who comes into their life, you need to make certain that she's not only ready to be your partner, but a parent.

  • Guess you should have thought that having kids thing through a little better.

  • L**** that's what I told the last single father I dated haha. 2 boys, to make things worse lol

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