I want to get pregnant..

I want to get pregnant by this guy I've been seeing... I am a white female, single & he is a black male, & single..

Feb 24, 2017

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  • Well go for it girl. Black men are amazing, the idea of the contrast of the skin rubbing together. Super hot. I met a guy never did anything with a black guy before but we met in a hotel bar talked awhile and I figure I give it a try I got him
    to my bedroom started kissing right away into my hotel room started taking our clothes off I had nothing but bra and panties on he only having
    his boxers on. I was truly amazed at his body. It was a work of art. All I
    could do was keep running my hands over his chest. I looked down for the
    first time and noticed his c***. It looked huge underneath his boxers. I
    lied him down on my bed and went and locked the bedroom door. I lied down
    next to him and started kissing him again. I then moved my hand down to his
    boxers and began stroking his c***. It was absolutely huge
    I jumped up and pulled his boxers off as quickly as I could. It revealed a
    c*** that was 9" long and as thick as a coke can. I couldn't believe it.I decided right
    then and there that I was f****** him that night. I tried sucking him, but
    could only fit a few inches in my mouth. I could tell he really enjoyed it,
    but I just wasn't used to sucking a c*** that thick.

    Finally, I took off my bra and panties and decided I wanted to f*** him.
    all I will say is that he had amazing stamina and f***** me that night from 9pm to 1am I didn't realize until I woke up at 9am we had s** 3 times and all three times were without a condom. I let him c** in me each time and they were huge explosions of c** inside me. He came while on top of me, while I was on top him and doggy style. It was just amazing s**. After I woke up I went to the store and got myself some plan b. It worked and my white boyfriend never found out about my great night of s** with a black man.

  • Make sure its what you want cuz no white guy will take care of a mixed baby straight up

  • Once you go black you can't go back!!!

  • You should make sure it is what he wants also. Make sure you have a plan to take care of it.

  • Actually, the most beautiful babies are white and Asian mix... gorgeous!

  • I saw want to get a while girl pregnant.Good luck

  • You probably will have beautiful mixed babies.

  • That's family planning right there people. Learn it

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