My mother

My mother is a nice and kind woman but since 3 years ago she has been going over the top in her religion, I used to go to church every Sunday with my family but after her craziness i almost never go, here is what happened,5 years ago when I was on my way to school I saw her in front of an alter (which she had set up) praying, now I had no idea why because that was never there before and I have never seen here do that before she usually prepares my breakfast but this time she didn't cook anything I wondered why but I didn't want to bother her (she didn't make my lunch either)
so after I came back from school, starving I saw her praying again, this made no sense at all, because she has never done this before, now this carried on for about a year, after that year she went even further, she started chanting in her room and going to church every Wednesday and Saturday, in addition to that she started preaching to me on how god is all powerful and sht like that, She started buying me bibles and buying me crosses and telling me that the second comeing is near, now that is some serious s***, i was always very scientific person and My strongest subjects are science and English, my mother thinks that Being strong in science is the influence of the devil, She has done this for the past 5 years and it as effected me in so many ways,it has made me retain, it has made me severely depressed for the last 5 years, it has effected my social life and has effected my physical life, I don't hate my mother, I still love her but this has got to stop, every time I try to explain to her that what she is doing is just unbearable she shuns me and throws holy water at me, the freaking preaches to me, she also gives these notes to my friends on how powerful god is and s*** like that, I just have no idea what to do left, she has almost ruined my life, I have considered alcohol, drugs and even suicide but I have done nothing like that, I'm 13 now and this is still continuing.. I just.. don't know what to do.

Mar 10, 2012

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  • I grew up like that only it was both mom and dad. By the time I escaped from them I was so socially backwards and severely abused teenager. I never knew what to do either so I did what I could to survive them until I was old enough to legally walk away. Sleeping in cars and behind houses was a better life I can tell you.

  • Don't worry I feel the same way about my grandmother she is a total b****. Always waking me up when it was the weekends and there was school. Like I have time for that I need sleep more than just magical story. I also hate it because they hate gays. Well if you prefer straight men then your just saying your gay! You guys should say this if you find anyone else like this. Heh...

  • My dad turned into that type of person, nobody talks to him any more because he can hold a conversation without it resorting to some preach B.S let her go, do your own thing,

  • "Mom, I truly love you, and I truly love God. I do. But we are all called to have a personal relationship with God, each expressed in different ways because we are each different from one another. If they are telling you something different than that at church, well, they are just wrong. God loves us each the way we are because He made us, and He wants us to love Him, and the fact that I don't express my relationship exactly the same way you do doesn't mean that I don't have a relationship with Him or love Him. And just like there's no one single way to have a relationship with God, there's no one single way to worship Him. I'm not criticizing your relationship, or your worship, and I really don't want you criticizing mine, either, because that doesn't make me want to change the relationship to be like yours: it makes me want to stop it altogether. And I know you don't want that. I want us to both love God, and to both have a relationship with him. Please don't make me change that."

    As for your friends, the only way to avoid her proselytizing them -- and embarrassing you -- is to not bring them around until the b**** chills the f*** out.

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