In Love

I am a college freshman who is attracted to her dorm roommate. I never had lesbian feelings before, until I met her. Her name is Mary and I am in love everything about her, we can talk about almost anything, she is smart, funny, and very beautiful.
We will undress in front of each other, and I just want to grab her and kiss her soft lips. I purposely sleep in the nude, hoping one day she will slide in bed with me and make love to me.
She currently doesn't have a boyfriend, but I can't tell if she would be interested in dating a woman. I would hate to lose our friendship if she rejected me.
I thought about bringing some wine to the dorm room, and try to kiss her. Using the excuse that it was the wine that made me try to kiss her.
I want to hold her in my arms, and caress her hair, look her in her eyes and make love. I am very confused on the next step, any ideas?

Mar 11, 2012

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  • Sounds like a totally awkward situation and could be made more awkward if you try to kiss her and get rejected. You have to look deeper into your feelings too, since you're not even sure if you are a lesbian or not. What do you want? A relationship? a friendship? a one night stand? Somethings are sometimes better as a fantasy than reality. Mary may be great as a friend and not so great as a gf. It may help to find out more about Mary by asking some personal questions and ask has she ever been with a girl. That maybe be your answer. When you are no longer dorm mates, you can see if there is some potential to pursue a relationship.

  • have you ever done anything like smeller or licked her dirty panties. i rented a room with a single mom once and i did that and it gave me a huge h******.

  • This is pretty easy, next time you are nude go over to her and give Mary a big hug, and tell her how much you care for her friendship. Then give her a kiss on the lips. If she kisses back then its all good, if not, you will have to realize there will never be a physical relationship.

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