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I know its not normal but I have such a thing for my cousin

Back in the day me and my cousin were really close, we used to play when we were kids and spend alot of time together. When I was 10 and she was 8 we used to bath together and it got to the stage where we would touch eachother in turn out of interest. She would sit in the bath with her legs open and i would "tickle" her as she called it. We even touched our privates together sometimes.

But that was back in the day. We discussed it when we got older and came to the conclussion that we were just exploring a often kids do.

Now however its a different story. Im 18 and she's 16 and by jesus she has become so hot. The scary bit is is that she is always so open with me. talking about her boyfriends and constantly just walking around in the nude when shes sone showering. I mean I know i shouldnt but i cant help but get a h****** when i see her. I often fantasize about me and her bathing again and having that sort of fun.

I donna. I mean i have a gf myself but she just doesnt turn me on like my cousin. I know its disgusting but i havent a clue what to do

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  • You are young and your sexual drive is high. But I don't think you should go after your cousin I think you should seek out professional help because it is not healthy to have a relationship with a relative, going through with s** with your cousin in the long run if she consented would be bad for the both of you. It's not heathy and sorry to be rude but it's not normal. Having sexual feelings at your age is normal but not towards a relative but please seek out professional help in talking with someone about your feelings.

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