Aunts body, Cousins hand

I was at my aunt's for a vacation. Her son and me were open about sexuality and the openess lead to we touching each other. On the terrace sometimes or when no one was home. We would strip and strut our tools. One day his younger brother joined us for a bath and looked at my d***. He said it was big and to this day I feel happy about it. One day we watched p*** together and the older cousin of mine jerked me off. He discussed about how he fantasized about his mom and then we fantasized about his mom (my aunt) together. One day I woke up early and knew she was in the bath, I peeped through the side gaps of he door to see her naked body. That morning felt so accomplished. I told this to my cousin and he was a bit upset. All of us are now over 30.



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  • We sometimes do things as kids due to curiosity not intending any harm.
    If you might have continued doing this then it might be a reason for concern.
    I’m sure you look back and think what was I thinking.
    I too wondered my cousins d*** was so much longer thicker than mine.
    Of course we compared but nothing really came out of it. All just curiosity

  • It's really too bad that nothing happened. All of you might have lived very different lives. Sad, really. But still.......just thinking about the three of you gets me hard. Damn!

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