What happens in Vegas...

You wouldn’t know it when we are at home, but when my husband and I go to Vegas I play his little s***. At home, its PTA meetings, raising kids, laundry. Vegas I turn into a different woman. Depending on the hotel, we will go to the topless pool, I will wear a thong, and remove my top. I would never wear a thong at the pools at home, but in Vegas its fun to turn loose. We will walk down the strip, and I will go bra less, guys will stare at my big t*** jiggling in my t-shirt, my husband gets turned on with guys looking me over.
The last time we went I may have over did it. We were going to a concert, and I put on a skimpy dress, that was a little smaller than I even wanted, my t*** were pouring out of it, and it went up to my butt cheeks. To be a little adventurous, I didn’t wear any panties, or bra.
We sat down at our seats, my dress didn’t quite cover my p****, the guy seating in front of a us, would talk to his wife and keep looking back at my p****, I spread them a little so he could get a good look.
After the concert we gambled at the casino, guys were stripping me with their eyes, I loved it! My husband went to the craps table, and I sat down to adjust my shoe, the same guy that was sitting in front of us at the concert came up to me and started to make small talk. He asked if I was done with my date. I said not yet, He then asked me something strange, “ Is 400 enough for full service?” HUH? Does he think I am a h*****? What a perv! I didn’t know what to say, I told him 1500 dollars, just to get him to go away. He said that was too much, Thank God!
I told my husband at the dice table, he laughed. “What if he took your offer? Well, I hadn’t thought of that.
I will admit I started to drink too much, but we were having a blast. I was down to my last 20 dollars for the night, and I bet it on the hard six. I told the shooter, “ You roll the hard six, and I will show you my t***!” My husband looked at me like I was nuts. It was the very next roll that the hard six hit. I pulled down my top, and the table cheered! My husband wasn’t too happy with me, but the pit boss wasn’t either. He took me aside and told me the casino couldn’t have that kind of activity going on.
We went back to the room, and I could tell my hubby was upset. So I did what any good wife would do, I pulled off my dress, and unzipped his pants, and gave him a b*******. He came pretty quickly, and I would normally go spit his c** out, but this time I showed him the c** in my mouth, and then swallowed it.
I don’t feel I did anything wrong, I need some advice, was it over the line? I told my hubby we need to go to some strip clubs, but do any of them cater to couples? I love turning loose in Vegas, back home is so routine sometimes.

Mar 12, 2012

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  • Don't tone it down. Talk to your husband about what you want. He will probably agree when he has a chance to think about it.

  • That is... so... hot

  • There is a whole lot of difference between going to a topless pool, and wearing a skimpy dress, to showing some stranger your p****, and flashing your t*** to the casino. Probably need to tone it down a bit.

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