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I confess that I am a new convert into a religion that I love, and that I have multiple personalities. This makes my life very difficult and makes it hard to be in good standing with the church when my alters are out and do things that go against the Lords commandments. I confess that I am ashamed that so many people think I am a hypocrite because of the actions of my alters and that I have lost sleep over this.

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  • Of course you love religion. This was inevitable since you were already listening to the imaginary voices in your head.

  • alters are nothing more than mental defenders breaking loose they protect you from mental breakdowns and often they seem like mental breakdowns however if you incorporate certain behaviours (preferably the more church friendly and self protecting ones) into your life they go away and no more church issues

  • Dissociative identity disorder does not exist. You may have a legitimate mental illness and have been misdiagnosed by an incompetent psychiatrist or misdiagnosed by a greedy psychiatrist who thought they could find themselves publicity by having a patient with dissociative identity disorder. Or maybe you're just lying or trolling.

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