How do I stop being a dirty sleazeball when I'm drunk?

I like to think I'm a nice guy throughout the week, and for most of a night out, but later on, when I get really drunk, I turn into a sleazy piece of s***.

I have a girlfriend and my behaviour's been better over the last 6 months I've been with her, but I'm worried I'm slipping back into bad habits. I don't want to do anything to hurt her but I'm worried about this.

Most recent was asking telling a girl who wasn't my girlfriend that "we should f*** and that she should meet me in the toilet in 5min to do so". I have no particular interest in this girl, I'm just kind of friends with her. Obviously she said no, and I just passed out after that so no real harm done.

I'm so f****** sick of waking up feeling that my night had ended that way. The girl probably won't tell on me, but I'm sure quite a few girls are looking after secrets for me that they shouldn't have to be.

I don't want to just 'get away' with anything. This is how total scumbags get through life. I really just want to know how to stop turning into such a slime after a certain number of drinks.

("Don't drink so much" will sound like a great idea in theory, but sometimes that just doesn't happen)

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  • Why not stop drinking moron !
    wow people are stupid can't change that

  • We all have our low points. I preyed on single women at bars. Enough drinks and I would get her pants off. when I did I did a work out on her. Several said I needed to finish, it was sore. I did not listen and always ask them to wait longer. When she finally hit the point she was ready to or was crying I would c** in her. Many of the girls I pulled the condom off, some I ripped the condom and slid it back. I wanted to feel her inside. I ALWAYS wanted to shoot a load in them.
    I got a married woman pregnant like this. I reformed after that. I became a good guy and I am one today.

  • U must be real ugly for you to get them drunk
    bababa sloppy third's uh

    LOSER !


  • Well, of course "not drinking so much" doesn't just "happen", in the same way that "drinking so much" doesn't just "happen". We make choices to do the things we do: they don't just come upon us from some unseen source by some unknown method. You can choose not to drink as much as you've been drinking, or you can choose to stop at some point or after a certain time of night or number of drinks. However, if you're not physically or mentally able to make that choice as the night progresses, then you have a dependency or some other sensitivity to alcohol that needs to be corrected. I don't know whether or not that means treatment, but it would certainly require attention -- professional attention. Please don't misunderstand me: I'm not saying you're an alcoholic or have to quit drinking altogether today, because I have no way of knowing whether or not that's true. But I am saying that, if you can't easily control your intake of alcohol, then talking to a professional is a necessity, at least as a starting point. You sound like a decent guy, and I'm sure you are, but the one of the risks you run with engaging in overdrinking is that people will begin to believe (if they don't already believe) that you ARE the person who shows up after you've had too much to drink, and not the nice guy you are when you haven't. It's your reputation we're talking about, although overdrinking certainly has physical effects, as well, so it's worthwhile attempting to fix this before it becomes an irreversible problem. I wish you well.

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