Good child.

I've begun to really resent my position as the "favorite" of my aunt's nephews and nieces. She has no kids, and my mom isn't really in the picture, so we've become surrogates for each other. It's great, but now things are changing.
I hate having to put on this fake act of being an overachieving, well-mannered girl. I want to make mistakes, fall in love, etc. But I can't. Anything I do could be used against me and she'll label me as another "disappointment."
What's worse is that some of my cousins and siblings have begun to turn against me because of it. I haven't talked to my oldest brother in over a year (he used to be her favorite before they got into a big fight), and he hasn't responded to my attempts to get back in touch. My other cousins don't talk to me as much anymore either.
I really wish I could just go back to the old days where were all one big family and it didn't matter who was the "golden child."

Mar 16, 2012

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  • girl heres your options: the first one is bottle it in and go for the rest of your kid years resenting everything then after so many years of hating yourself for what you didnt do as a kid your gonna explode and go physco. Im not kidding i seen it happen. Or two be yourself! Who cares about being the good one? Rebel a little go for it! Have some fun experiment with things (not preferablly hard core drugs) just some weed and a lil driniing every kid needs it! (not the drugs and drinking) but the sense of adventure! And rebellion! Do it girl live your life!

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