St. Pattys Day Date

Well I sit here contemplating whether to even post what occurred on my St. Patty’s day date with Ben, and Jody. I know I will be ridiculed , and I guess so be it.
I thought I had talked my wife out of having a sexual encounter with Ben, and Jody, we would just get together as couples and have a good time. We were all dancing, and drinking green beer, having a lot of fun. I am dancing with Jody, and I look over to see my wife on the phone, walking to a quieter part of the club. She comes up to Jody, and I, “Lets go, I confirmed the hotel reservation.” I am stunned, I know what that implies. All the debating the last 10 ten days did no good. I lost.
We get the room key, and head to the room. My wife spared no expense, nice room with 2 double beds, and a sitting area. The girls tell us to get ready for us, we will be right out. It was weird getting naked in front of another man. Ben said, “ Make sure to treat Jody good, I will take care of Karen. The girls come out of the bathroom, my wife and Jody are nude. Jody crawls in bed with me, and my wife goes and gets on top of Ben. Jody begins to kiss me, I maneuver her so I can watch my wife, and Ben. My wife kisses Ben for awhile, and then Ben starts to suck on her t*** making little smacking noises with his lips. Jody is kissing me, and stroking my c***, but I am soft. She can tell I am not paying attention to her, she says, “Do you want to watch them.” I sheepishly tell her yes.
Ben flips Karen over, and grabs a condom off the night stand, he puts it on, and slowly begins to enter her. He was a little bigger than me, more thicker than anything, when he is in, he paused just a second, I think for my wife to get use to him. He begins to thrust in and out of her, I am watching my wife getting f*****. She must have been enjoying it, she moves her hips back at him. Jody is stroking me, but I can’t get a hard-on. Ben and my wife both c**, and my wife pulls off the used condom and heads to the bathroom with it. Jody, I think was frustrated with me, jumps in bed with Ben. My wife comes out of the bathroom, and gets in bed with me. “Do you want me to suck your d***?” I tell her no, I am just going to rest here for a bit. She goes and hops in bed with Ben, and Jody. I rolled over, I didn’t fall asleep, but was kinda in between from being awake, and asleep.
I rolled back over, not sure how long I laid there, and looked up, my wife is on the couch in the doggie position getting f***** by Ben again. I don’t know why I noticed this, but her ass would jiggle with every thrust. Jody was fingering herself, and saw that I was watching. She came over with a devilish look on her face and said, Do you want to try again?” I actually woke up with a semi-erect c***. I said, “Sure”. She got on her knees and took my c*** in her mouth, it was a strange sensation having another woman’s mouth around my c***, she was damn good c***-sucker, because I quickly was rock hard, and after a few minutes exploded in her mouth. She went to bathroom, I suppose to spit out my c**, and I laid back in bed. Jody crawled in bed with me, and laid on my chest. I looked over at my wife, and she looked at me with an expression on her face of pure l***.
Jody fell asleep, and I did too.
In the morning, I open one eye, and see in the other bed, Karen, and Ben in the 69 position, Ben has his face buried in my wife’s p****, and Karen is sucking his d***. How the h*** do they have that much stamina? I don’t why, but I found myself getting aroused, Jody awoke and asked, Do you want a quickie?” I took a condom from the night stand, and put it on. There was no turning back now. She spread her legs, and I slid my c*** into her. I f***** her, thrusting in and out. My wife, and Ben had stopped, and now were watching me f*** Jody. I tried not to c** too quickly, but after a couple of minutes I came.
We all dressed and said our goodbyes. On the way home, my wife raved about the s**. She told me when she got in bed with Ben, and Jody, she and Jody f*****. It turned Ben on so much, he grabbed my wife and f***** her doggie style on the couch. In between Karen’s, and Ben,s f*** session, she sat on his lap and talked. He told her that we all should get together with the other couple they swing with. My wife agreed that it would be fun. Ben said they would set up something later in the week. Whoa! The situation is now beyond my control. Its official, I am a swinger. If we like the other couple my wife wants to fly us down to St. Marteens, she wants to go to the nude beaches there. I never heard of it before. I am writing this Sunday morning, while my wife is upstairs basically passed out from the night before.
That’s my confession, wish me luck. Don’t judge me too hard.

Mar 18, 2012

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  • I think the OP should confess he liked what happened. He really did not put up that big of fight, he laid Jody.

  • The OP is clearly not completely on board with this. His wife is going to do what she wants regardless of his wishes. This marriage is doomed. Really, when do you stop? Where does it go? How long? What's the exit strategy? Get out now, you'll save yourself a lot of heartbreak.

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