Mixed feelings

A couple months ago my wife and I were sitting around the fire with a friend of mine Jody, My wife has always been flirty but never gone past flirting or whatever, A few playful "teasing" kisses with her girlfriends and so on but we had decided to try some "Edibles" if you know what I mean.
At just over 40 for all of us it was a first and my wife had been offered some from a friend of hers who does that stuff, All our kids were at camp and Jody is recently divorced so his ex had the kids and we decided to try them. After having our snack we went back to drinking and I really didn't notice much effect but I did notice that my wife was being flirty, Not sure what it was, The booze, The edibles, Who knows but she was a bit more flirty than normal.
My wife was sitting in her lawn chair sideways with her feet hanging over the side with her head on the arm of my chair resting on my arm and my Jody was sitting on that side of her, some comment was made about him being a "foot man" and my wife lifted her feet putting them in his lap, and he laughed saying "yeah, You have always had cute feet", There was some flirty back and forth and then we just carried on drinking and talking but I did notice that she kept her feet in Jody's lap and he was just touching them a bit but I didn't say anything, just kept watching.
I put my hand across my wife's chest as we sat there and she was snuggled into my elbow kind of, Knowing that having her feet massaged makes her h**** I looked at Jody and he looked at me, She was just laying there being quiet and I nodded to him to touch her feet, He looked at me with a puzzled look and I motioned again, He took her feet in his hands and started massaging then looked at me and I nodded. despite being absolutely gorgeous my wife has small saggy b**** since having kids, When she lays on her back they pretty much disappear and are just small, saggy and wrinkly with pretty big nipples from either breast feeding or sucking milk out of them with a pump for basically 6 years straight while we were having kids, When they get hard they are wrinkly and probably 3/4" long and pretty thick, She calls them her "mommy b****" and she doesn't show them off much anymore but she doesn't have a stretch mark anywhere on her body, She also doesn't like bras so she never wears one at home but being Jody was there she had put on a sweater thinking that hid them, she had on a pair of sweats, a T-shirt and sweater and nothing else, I looked down at her and she was just relaxing with her eyes closed but I could see her nipples starting to get hard even through her sweater, We had been drinking pretty heavy and mixed with the edibles I guess she must have been feeling the effects of both, I could feel her starting to breath a bit heavier and pulled her sweater up a bit exposing her stomach a little bit which is nice, soft and flat and she never really did much so I worked her shirt up a bit more and a bit more until I had one of her nipples showing.
Jody looked at her nipple and then at me lifting his eyebrows and smiling then held up his hand with his thumb and pointer finger apart about an inch and mouthed "Holy f***" to me, I just smiled and nodded then went back to working her sweater up, She must have not really been paying much attention to the situation as we were in the back yard and if anyone had looked over the fence they could have seen us but as I worked her sweater up she actually arched her back a bit and I slid it right up exposing both of her b****, I was gently squeezing her nipples and Jody was massaging her feet as her nipples just kept getting harder and harder, She just laid there with her eyes closed but started grinding her hips and I slid my hand in her sweats, She spread her legs and I slid a finger between them rubbing her c***.
It didn't take long before she was dripping wet, I don't remember her ever being that wet from just foreplay. She opened her eyes and looked up at me then at Jody then looked around and took a few deep breaths then stood up, Grabbed me by the hand and pretty much drug me in the house. I motioned to Jody to follow us and he did, Once inside I could see by her eyes she was stoned, I have never seen her stoned but it was obvious. She pulled me onto the bed on top of her and Jody turned off the light just leaving the room dimly lit from the hall light.
My wife was pretty much ripping at my clothes and as I grabbed the waist of her sweater she sat up and i pulled it over her head, She lifted her legs and bum and whipped off her sweats pulling me back on top of her, Jody laid down beside her and she looked at him then at me and I motioned toward him, She turned and kissed him as I stood up and stripped then I bent down and started licking her, Jody never even got off the bed but was naked in seconds and groping my wife, My wife was like a woman possessed. She was groping, grabbing, jerking and sucking, Jody knelt beside her face and she looked at me for permission which I obviously gave and she opened her mouth, She was sucking Jody and he closed his eyes only lasting a minute or so before he swallowed hard and grabbed my wife's hair as he grunted and she started stroking him faster as I watched her swallowing, He twitched and jerked a bit as he moaned "Oh my f****** god...I don't know what you just did but that was amazing".
When he pulled out of her mouth she started to concentrate on me and she had both hands pulling my head into her as I licked her, I stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed but I noticed Jody was watching and stroking his d*** and was already hard again, I moved and motioned to him, As he knelt beside the bed and started licking her I kenlt beside her face and she started sucking me, she wrapped her legs around Jody's head and was humping his face, I shoved my d*** in her mouth and came then pulled my d*** out of her mouth and she moaned "F*** me, Please f*** me right now".
Jody stood up and shoved his d*** in her, She tilted her head back and moaned out loud, I noticed the window was open and she was being quite loud, I thought about closing it but decided not to actually hoping someone would hear her, She was bucking her hips and grabbing his pulling him into her harder, Jody Stood up straight and shoved it deep in her and moaned as he came, He pulled out and she was still trying to hump him so I stood between her legs and only half hard shoved mine in her, I was pounding her hard and got hard again as she started to quiver then let out a moan that if any of the neighbors had a window open they definitely heard.
She came hard soaking the sheets under her ass and I came right after, I pulled out and she rolled onto her side, facing me, Jody snuggled up behind her and wrapped his arms around her cupping her saggy little b**** but when he tried to play with her nipples she stopped him muttering "Nope, Nope, Nope, Give me a minute" and just laid there breathing heavy, Me and him were looking at each other wide eyed and I had came so hard I was beyond done but Jody was very obviously looking for more, I laid and watched as he slid right up behind her and she was laying there with her eyes closed but as he started to shove it in she moaned "Uh uh, I'm done" then gasped and moaned "Ok but be quick" and I knew he was back inside her again, I watched him f*** her from behind and could see he had his hand on her ass, She reached back and grabbed his wrist and whispered "Not in" very stern like so I leaned over and looked and he had his thumb rubbing her ass hole.
He came a couple minutes later and she grunted as he shoved it in her then we all laid there and he later told me he fell asleep still inside her, In the morning i woke up and laid there looking at her as we all laid there naked since the sheets had long since been kicked off to the floor, Jody was still snuggling her with his arms around her cupping one b***, She eventually woke up and looked at me, I smiled and she smiled then scrunched up her face and looked down, Her eyes got wide and she pulled Jody's hand off her b*** and rolled over which woke him up, She looked at him then put her head back and said "No, No F*** No" and got out of bed, She was standing there naked as we both looked at her, She started at us for a second then said "F*** no, no ,no" and Jody said "Um...I should go" and she said in a very angry voice "Yup, I f****** think so".
Not sure what he was thinking but he stood up, Stepped up to her and put one hand on her waist cupping her b*** with the other and she had a look of sheer panic on her face, He leaned in and kissed her then walked away and grabbed his clothes getting dressed quickly and leaving, She bolted for the shower and when she got out she walked past me, I went to say something and she said "Not one f****** word...Not one".
She was angry for a few days then slowly started to talk to me again and eventually asked about it, When I detailed the evening for her she cried a little saying she felt stupid, Embarrassed and used, I tried to assure her that It was the hottest thing ever but when I said "And trust me Jody said it was the best night of his life" She gagged and said "Oh god, Don't ever f****** say that again".
It took a while but she relaxed a bit and didn't even run and hide last time Jody came over, We have talked about it a few times and we both have some mixed feelings about it, However I expressed to her that I would be up for doing it again if she wanted and she didn't say no she just thought for a minute and then shook her head no.

Aug 15, 2018

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  • I'll be honest, I didn't make it to the end. I lost interest half way through

  • Hot hot even got me hard reading it keep up the good work

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