Diapered teen

I'm 20 years old and I'm a bed wetter. Until I was 17 I'd never woken up in a dry bed, I didn't go to sleepovers when I was a kid, or on school camps. After I turn 17 it seemed to just 'dry up' over night, it was great, I could have a real girlfriend and we could sleep in same bed without her getting wet. So that's wht I did, i got a girl friend and we moved in together amd had a baby. Now after 2 years together, I've started wetting the bed again. I started off once or twice a week but now its every night. I havent been dry at night for 2 months now. My gf is really nice about it bit she gets me to wear adult diapers to bed so she doesn't wake up wet and so the sheets don't have to be washed every day. I don't mind wearing them, they're comfortable and I like the security of knowing I won't wake up to a huge mess.

I hate having to hide this, I just gets so hard sometimes. I want people to know so I don't have to worry about them finding out but I'm too nervous to tell them.

So, my name Corey long and this my secret.



Mar 18, 2012

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  • A cousin of mine who's 15 just made her First Holy Communion back on August 29th in the teen class-13 to 17 year olds,at her parish.Her and all of the other girls in her class were in the required,poofy,knee length,short sleeve communion dresses and veils with lace socks and white mary jane style shoes.The cousin had a pristine white 10 ply thick cloth diaper on under her dress with white,adult size,blousy fitting plastic pants over it with a tee shirt as her top.She told me that she was wearing them to make her feel pure like a little girl.

  • Our 12 year old daughter will be dressed up cute for this comming easter in a pastel pink,poofy,top of the knees dress with white tights and pink shoes.She will have a cloth diaper and pink rubberpants under the tights for the day!

  • I agree with dressing her like a little girl except for the tights. You should make her wear fancy white socks.

  • I am 17 and babysit for a family with two daughters,ages 14 and 12.Both girls are bedwetters and wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.When i babysit them,they get ready for bed about an hour before their bedtime.I take out their diapers and lay them on the bed and fold them.They each pick out the plastic pants they want to wear and lay them beside their diapers.Both girls lay down on their diapers and hold hands as i babypowder them,then pin the diapers on them.I then pull their plastic pants up their legs and over their diapers.They put their nightgowns on and are ready for bed a while later.They both actually like wearing the diapers and plastic pants and feeling like babies when they go to bed.Even tho they are 12 and 14,they have their plastic pants in pink,yellow and blue and several pair with nursery prints on them that they wear the most often.

  • I am a girl,14,and a bedwetter because i am still in puberty.On christmas eve,mom put my bedwetting diapers and plastic pants on me early,around 8 pm,with my pink footed sleeper over them.My 16 year old nephew,Kurt,was there with his parents and him and i started watching a movie.He was sitting next to me and we had a blanket over us.Our parents went to bed a while later and Kurt put his hand on my crotch and felt my diapers and plastic pants.He got aroused and made me give him oral s**!

  • My daughter is your age and their is NO WAY I would allow her to be alone with a boy. She is dressed in diapers and snap-on rubber panties for all special occasions to keep her as a little girl for as as long as I think necessary. She knows that she must cooperate or she will be strictly punished.

  • Our daughter is 16 and just recieved her Confirmation back on June 6th.Our parish follows the De Incunabula Sanctus Canon Law signed by Pope Pius XI back in 1936 requiring girls to wear cloth diapers and rubberpants under their white confirmation dresses to Reaffirm their Innocence and Purity of when they were infants.All of the girls wore the Curity flat cloth diapers in the 26x27 inch size that were pinned on them with diaper pins.The parish provided each girl with the pair of white adult size rubberpants that fit them blousy over their diapers.Their dresses were short sleeve and floor length and they had the required veil with their dresses.The daughter felt very pure and innocent with the cloth diapers and rubberpants on under her dress as did all of the other girls.

  • I am a mom of a 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son.I recently changed the sheets on the daughters bed and flipped her mattress over.I found several cloth diapers and a pair of adult size plastic pants and a couple of pacifiers between the mattress and box spring.I left them there,but want to know how i should approach her about them.Can anyone give me advice?

  • Is it ok for a 13 year old girl to be diapered under her junior bride dress in a wedding?

  • Yes definitely! She is still a little girl yet so she should wear a cloth diaper and plastic panties under her dress.

  • \she look cute in diaper

  • Yes it is fine,use a cloth diaper and plastic pants on her,they are more comfortable.

  • Not only junior brides should be diapered under their dresses,but also older flowergirls as well.My daughter was in a wedding as a flower girl when she was 14 along with two other girls who were both 13.We did a cloth diaper and rubberpants with ruffles on them on all three girls under their cute,poofy dresses.All three girls looked cute and felt little girlish for their role as flowergirls!

  • My daughter was a flowergirl in a wedding when she was 14 also.She wore a cute,puffy,short sleeve,just above the knees,white flowergirl dress and veil with lace anklets and white shoes. I did a cloth diaper and rubberpants on her under the dress,teeling her that they would make her feel cuter and little girlish when actually i had her wear them to prevent her from sneaking off with a boy to fool around. It backfired! During the wedding dance,she did sneak off with a 16 year old boy and when i caught them in a classroom,she had her dress off and was on her knees giving the boy a 'b******'!

  • When our niece got married at 19,she had a medium size wedding and she wore a snow white cloth diaper with white plastic pants over it under her gown.She was virgin and wanted to symbolize her purity of her baptism as a baby for her wedding.

  • Absolutely! She is 13 and some what of a little girl yet somewhat! She should wear a cloth diaper with loose fitting rubberpants on over it.The diaper and rubberpants will help make her feel cute and more pure and innocent as her role as junior bride.

  • I am a bedwetter and hve to wear diapers and plastic pants to bed every night!

  • Iam a 15 year old guy,my girlfriend,megan,is14.I went over to her house easter sunday after noon and we wound up in her bedroom alone.She was in her cute,pink,above the knees,billowy easter dress with lace socks and pink shoes on.We were sitting on her bed kissing when she told me to feel her up! So i put my hand under her easter dress and to my surprise,she was wearing a size 8 pampers diaper with pink plastic panties over it! I asked her why she was wearing them and she told me they are part of her outfit to feel cute and little girlish like! I ran my hand over her crotch,then went up to her b****.She liked the feeling of me rubbing her b**** and crotch!

  • My friend stole some of my bedwetting diapers and now she is wearing them.What can i do?

  • Have her over for a sleepover and tell her you know she stole some of your diapers and you both wear them to bed,but make her wear plastic pants over her diapers!

  • Neither of my children are teenagers. My daughter is 7 and my son is 11. My daughter has wetting accidents often and I dress her in diapers and plastic panties most of the time. My son is not a wetter and is therefore in the usual underpants and jeans. However my son has been showing increased interest in his sister's need for diapers and plastic panties. I recently saw him trying to snap on his sister's plastic panty over his underpants. Of course her panty was much too small for him. I asked him why he was doing it and his reply was to start crying and tell me that because the world is so threatening to him that he wanted to be put in diapers and plastic panties like his little sister. I was quite alarmed at first but gave him a big hug and told him that yes I would get him diapers and plastic panties. When they arrived I told him that from now on he would wear them for bedtime just like his sister. That first night was amazing--when I took him to his room and showed him his diaper and plastic panty on the bed he became fully aroused. When I started to apply the baby powder he could hardly contain his excitement. As I pinned on his diaper I had to lay his erect p**** into the diaper. I slid the plastic panty under his bottom and snapped it up and his erection made the panty stick out. I told him that he was all safe now and he could wet himself without worrying about wet bedsheets just like his sister. He is now so happy that he is dressed like a baby at bedtime and both children play together before bed in their diapers and plastic panties.

  • I had to go back into diapers when I was 13 because of wetting. I still wear a diaper and plastic panties every night and often during the day if I feel I'll need one. My step mother and older sister diapered me every night until I was 16 then they helped me do it myself. When I first had to wear a diaper I was staying at my cousins'. I had wet the bed and my aunt had me take off my pj's and shower. Then she came into the bathroom while i was drying off and gave me a pair of my cousin's nylon panties to wear. That night she told me she had talked to my mom and they agreed I needed to go back into diapers. I was sharing a big bedroom with my two girl cousins who are about my age. I found out one has to wear diapers also because the first night I wore one of hers and a pair of her plastic panties. I'm a senior now and I don't mind it, in fact I don't feel secure unless I have a diaper on at night.

  • Why were all of the posts from 2019 deleted here?

  • Why were all of the posts from last year deleted here?

  • Why was all the posts from last year deleted here?

  • Why were all of the posts from the previous months deleted here?

  • Why were all of the previous post here deleted?

  • Why were all of the posts here from the previous months deleted?

  • Why were all of the posts deleted here?

  • Why did the posts on here get deleted? not to smart

  • Why did all of the posts on here get deleted? No to smart!

  • To the mom with the two bedwetting daughters who wear diapers and rubberpants-are you still around?

  • To the mom with the 3 bedwetters who wear the cloth diapers and rubberpants-are you still here? All of our posts got cleared out!

  • There were 3 girls between the ages of 12 and 14 that were baptized during mass this pass sunday and all three had on white,puffy,top of the knees,short sleeve dresses with matching bonnets,lace socks and white shoes.Each of them was picked up and held to recieve the water on their heads and we could see that they each had a cloth diaper and plastic pants on under their dresses! All three girls looked cute and very much like babies!

  • It’s time to drop this ridiculous story line. No adult or child that is continent wears a diaper for a church service.

  • Coming from a Clergymen myself not a catholic one for this exact reason. I just want to say this is a real thing but also really stupid to make anyone wear diapers that's not wanting to.

  • To Clergymen-Yes it is very real whether people believe it or not.I have seen many teen girls over the years wearing the white,poofy baptism dresses and bonnets with the lace socks or white tights and the white mary jane style shoes with the cloth diapers and plastic pants and undershirt on under their dresses.Some churches require the outfits,others it is a tradition for the girls to wear them and the girls are perfectly fine with wearing the outfits!

  • Go to Mr.Poll and type in Catholic teen girls baptism outfits and look at the results from the poll.There are results there from teen girls who were required to wear the dresses and bonnets,diapers,plastic pants,etc!

  • You can believe what you want to,but it is real,all of the girls i talked to werent lying,and not all parishes do things the same.

  • I need some advice.Our daughter is 15,going on 16 in three months and she is a bedwetter.She wears the regular cloth pin on diapers and adult size rubberpants to bed every night.Within the last month,she has started using a pacifier while i am putting the diapers and rubberpants on her at bedtime and sucks on it after she is in bed.She told me that it helps relax her and fall asleep easier.She has more than one pacifier now and it doesnt seem to bother her to be seen with it in her mouth.Should dad and i keep on letting her use it or tell her no she cant use it?

  • If she's happy and not hurting anyone by it I'd just let her do what she's comfortable with. If she wants to stop let her stop too.

  • Hi,i am 17 and last Easter,2018,one of my best friends,Maddy,who was 16,was baptized on Easter sunday. She asked me to be her "emotional support" person and of course i said yes! I went over to her house sunday morning and maddy was all ready in the bath tub taking her bubble bath.I went to her bedroom where her mom and gramma had her baptism outfit all laid out on her bed.A few minutes later she came into her room with her towel wrapped around her and her mom took the towel off of her and she then sat down on her cloth diapers and laid back.I sat at the head of her bed and she took my hand and held it and i stroked her forehead with my other hand.Her mom baby powdered her then as she brought the diapers up between maddy's legs,maddy squeezed my hand fairly hard as her mom pinned the diapers on her! Maddy was now shaking as her mom put her feet into the plastic pants and as they were pulled up her legs,she squeezed my hand really hard!As her mom was adjusting the loose fitting plastic pants,maddy told me that she felt like a baby!Her mom and gramma then put her lace socks and white shoes on her next,then her white undershirt next.She then stood up and her mom put her cute,poofy, baptism dress on her followed by her bonnet.She was a little more relaxed now that she had the dress on.We took her out and showed her to her dad and he was amazed at how she looked like a baby girl.Maddys mom lifted up the front of her dress and showed dad the cloth diapers and plastic pants and he thought she looked cute! I went with them to the mass and was at maddy's side when she was baptized.

  • That was probley cute baby toddler

  • Doesn’t happen, no church and or service requires diapers as part of a service.

  • I am sorry,but it really does happen! i have talked to girls who wore diapers and plastic pants under their baptism and First Communion dresses either as a requirement,parish tradition or parent requirement and i have also talked to moms who did the cloth diapers and plastic pants on their daughters under their dresses,so it is real whether you believe it or not.Go to Mr.Poll.com and type in Catholic teen girls easter vigil baptism outfits-There you will see the requirement is real!

  • In our family religion has no relevance. We are not catholic. It is all about keeping girls young for as long as possible. My daughter, 13, wears a diaper and snap-on rubber panty on weekends and for special occasions. She is dressed in ankle socks and is not allowed nylon pantyhose or tights. If she puts up any fuss about it she knows she will be given a strapping on her bare bottom. For the most part her behavior is that of a little girl and that is precisely what I want. For dress-up occasions she is allowed a ruffled rubber panty over her snap-ons and frilly ankle socks under her stiff petticoat but if there is any misbehavior she is strapped and wears the snap-ons without the ruffled baby panty.

  • So you're a child abuser?

  • I am 17 and my 15 year old cousin is being baptized on Easter sunday.Me and mom are going to help her mom dress her in her baptism outfit.She is going to wear the white,sleeveless dress and bonnet with the lace anklets and white shoes with the cloth diaper,rubberpanties and camisole under her dress.

  • Again, doesn’t happen, no church and or service requires diapers as part of a service.

  • I wear rubber panties 62yrs old love it.call me babyleroy gay love wearing rubber pants.

  • When you were at the church did your friend stand up straight and try to keep her diaper and rubber panty hidden by her dress, or was the dress very short so that everyone could see?

  • What a load of twoddle

  • Before you say this,know the total facts! Not all parishes are the same,some are more strict,others are more liberal and open.This is totally real,i have talked to many catholic girls over the years who told me about wearing diapers and rubberpants for their baptisms as teens and also girls where it was a requirement by the parish to wear diapers and rubberpants under their first communion dresses! These girls werent lying and knew what they were talking about.I have even talked to catholic moms who did diapers and rubberpants under their daughters communion dresses as a parish tradition.So it is real whether you believe it or not!

  • Have to say this is all fantasy/ lie! Catholic for 60 years there is no church guidelines, no rites manual, and or Roman Catholic priest that would specify your clothing especially for any mature child or adult.

  • Glad to hear someone else set the record straight! I understand that some people have this as a fantasy BUT it is wrong to slander and lie to the detriment of a person or church.

  • Well i have to say that you are wrong-i have talked to catholic girls who told me that the cloth diaper,plastic pants and under shirt was the required underwear under their communion dresses! They wouldnt have told me this if it wasnt true! Not every parish has this requirement.

  • Edward was born on the 2PM in 9 and

  • There is absolutely no guideline or stipulation in any of the “guide to rituals “ for the church which specifies all prayers, sacramentals, and order of rituals for any of our services or sacraments .

  • My cousin is 10 years old and will be making her First Holy Communion this comming sunday on Mothers day.Her parish requires the communion dress,veil,undershirt,cloth diaper,plastic pants,tights and the white patent leather shoes.She will be wearing the outfit all day!

  • Our next door neighbors have two daughters,ages 13 and 11,and both of them did their First Communion on mothers day.They were both in identical communion dresses and veils with the lace socks and white shoes and they came over during their party and both of them showed me the cloth diaper and rubberpants they had on under their dresses.Their rubberpants fit them blousy and actually looked cute under their dresses!

  • Did they wear a bra as well??

  • No,when a diaper and rubberpants is worn under a baptism dress or first communion dress,it is normally worn with a white under shirt or camisole.Baby girls dont wear bra's,just an undershirt,so girls wear the under shirt also to be like a baby girl.

  • When we baptized our 16 year old daughter this past easter at easter vigil,she wore a snug fitting white tee shirt that came down below her waist and was tucked in between her cloth diaper and plastic pants and it worked out well.After her party,she took her baptism dress and diaper off and wore the tee shirt and plastic pants and her bonnet untill bedtime.

  • I am 14 and made my First Holy Communion 3 days ago on may 19 with the 2nd graders.After my bath,i had to lay on my bed while mom and my two grammas pinned a 10 ply thick cloth diaper on me,then put teen size plastic pants over it,followed by tights with ruffles across the back and a white tee shirt as my top.My communion dress was short sleeve and knee length and had a crinoline under it.My veil matched my dress and i wore white "mary jane" shoes with my outfit.Before the ceremony,mom and my two grammas showed some of the other moms and little girls my ruffled tights and they thought i looked cute!At my party,some of my friends also checked out my tights and thought i looked cute with my diaper and plastic pants showing thru them.

  • Edward diaper to see me 6
    I wear diapers to my name is Eddie I want you to see him

  • I am sure she will feel like the little girl she still is. For my daughter and me this has nothing to do with religion and has everything to do with girls staying young and innocent as long as possible. My daughter, for the most part, enjoys being dressed like a little girl and she knows this means diapers and snap-on rubber panties under short dresses after school and on weekends. For special occasions I use a ruffled rubber panty over her snap-ons to match her fancy ankle socks. She recently got a strapping on her bare bottom because she damaged several of her rubber panties with scissors. Since then I have had no behavior issues with her and today she asked if I will dress her in diapers and rubber panties for Mother's Day.

  • May I ask how old your daughter is?
    You said she enjoys beeing diapered and wearing rubberpants - does she use them too?

  • Nice to hear that - mine is 10 and permanently diapered for several reasons. How do you handle your daughters period? Mine is not yet that developed but I started to keep her totaly hairfree.

  • She is 13. She has always enjoyed the sense of safety and security and freedom from peer pressure she gets from the strict discipline I provide, including diapers and rubber panties. Yes she still wets her diaper and knows she must tell me the minute it happens. This is why I use snap-on rubber panties on her. It's much easier when it's time for changing. I also insist on very short dresses and ankle socks

  • She wear a bra?

  • I have a twelve year old daughter, when she is in trouble I put her back in cloth diapers (velcro ondes with double thickness) and teen sized vinyl panties. She hates them, she has to wear them after school, weekends and the following school holiday. I keep her hair free as I think its more hygienic as I can then use baby wipes on her. she has now got used to me using dep cream on her and her hair grows back a lot finer. Her nappies are double thickness the outer one I kite fold and the inner one I quad fold lengthways as a soaker, I always use liners which she hates as she complains they stick to her when I use her nappy cream liberally on her. Her vinyl panties are standard milk white ones with buttons. Both her dad and me strictly enforce her punishment, she is not allowed toilet privilege, and she has to ask for her potty for number two's. This punishment has worked well throughout her life and while she lives with us it will carry on, we don't allow her to wear jeans or trousers on punishment she is kept in dresses that cover her nappies. I have made three dresses for her to wear, and while they are more babyish than she likes she ahs to admit they help to keep her cool. Two years ago when I introduced her hair free treatment we also introduced a dummy if she complained, she soon realised there was no merit in having tantrums about hair removal, so she has come to accept her twice monthly treatment.

  • Since you keep your daughter hair free,make her wear the plastic panties without her diaper under them.The plastic will rub against her crotch and remind her that she is like a baby!

  • You are lucky that your daughter enjoys being dressed like a little girl and wears the diapers and rubberpanties.To many girls now days turn out to be loose and slutty and innocence is becomming a thing of the past.Parents of early teen daughters should emphasize innocence and shoud make their daughters wear diapers and rubberpanties to make them feel little girlish.I have seen this twice in a couple of weddings i attended in the last couple of years.In both weddings the flowergirls were teenagers-in the 13 to 15 year old range and they were dressed like little girls in short,puffy dresses with a veil.lace socks,white shoes and naturally the cloth diapers and rubberpants under their dresses.They looked cute and even acted like little girls!

  • Yes it's amazing to see teen attitude completely dissolve into little girl behavior when they are made to wear proper short dresses, little white socks and a diaper and rubber panty. It's so adorable to hear the crackling sound of the baby panty when they move around. Lots of parents start their children off this way but give in to their child's peer pressure to wear mature clothing. Girls today need strict discipline and constant supervision if they are to avoid being taken advantage of. When it is time for my daughter's diaper to be changed I am now having her open her mouth wide to receive a pacifier nipple. This means that during her powdering I don't have to listen to her questions about why she must wear a diaper and a rubber baby panty. But she still tries to count the snaps as they are being fastened.

  • I agree for 100%! My daughter is diapered 24/7 - at school she is allowed to use the potty but she has to wear pullups with a doubler. At home she gets cloth diapers and rubberpants over.
    No teen attitude at all, no privacy, constant supervision.

  • Yes,teen girls should be made to wear a diaper and rubberpants for holidays and special occasions where they are going to be around teen boys.It sends the message to them that they are to remain pure and innocent no matter what!I think having your daughter suck on the pacifier is a great idea while she is being diapered and it can help relax her,as well as make her feel like a baby girl.

  • Total rubbish no catholic church requires the female to wear such attire as diapers and plastic pants where to so they can be reported name of priest initiating this as this is all in the mind of the poster

  • Maddy's dress was a little below midthigh length and had almost a full crinoline under it.Her mom took her bonnet off of her and picked her up and held her like a baby to get the water on her head.I could see her diaper and plastic pants easily from where i was standing and the congregation could see them also.At her party,most of her friends and female cousins lifted up her dress and checked out her diaper and plastic pants.After her party,her mom and gramma took her dress off of her and put her one piece footy pajama on her over her her under shirt diaper and plastic pants.It was cute seeing her walking around and hearing the plastic pants crinkling under her pajama.

  • It's so nice to see them dressed in ankle socks like proper little girls with diapers and rubber panties showing under their dresses. I will bet that the other girls secretly would like to be dressed the same way. Their parents should insist on it. There's nothing like making them wear very short dresses with little white socks and diapers and rubber panties to eliminate all teenage attitude.

  • Our daughter is 13 and in puberty.On Easter sunday,she will wear a pink and white,knee length easter dress with the lace socks and white mary janes.She is going to wear a cloth diaper and pink rubberpants under her dress with her training bra as her top.Her dress is not quite to her midthighs and i am sure the diaper and rubberpants will be seen when she bends over or sits down.How do i answer someone if they see the diaper and rubberpants and asks why she is wearing them?

  • I bought my daughter a new Easter dress today. It's very short with a full skirt and she will wear it over a short, stiff petticoat with adjustable ribbon straps. She also got new fancy white ankle socks. I will powder her and put on a thick cloth diaper and a heavy snap-on rubber panty with a ruffled rubber panty on top. She doesn't like the sound of the double baby panty under her dress but I have explained to her that baby panties are always noisy.

  • Yes,there will be many preteen and teen girls dressed up cute on Easter sunday with diapers and rubberpanties on under their cute dresses!The two Walmart and Target stores in our area have sold out of the larger size cloth diapers,lace socks,etc.It will be nice seeing the catholic teen girls being baptized on Easter sunday in their white dresses and bonnets with their cloth diapers and rubberpanties on underneath their dresses!

  • Our daughter is 14 and she is going to wear her pastel pink Easter dress today to Good Friday service at church and will have just her cute rubberpants on under it for the day.On easter sunday,she will have her cloth diaper under the rubberpants.

  • You can tell them that you and your husband decide how your little girl will be dressed and that she has no choice in the matter. You can say that you want her to remain a child for the foreseeable future and that she must be dressed accordingly. Little girls wear very short dresses with fancy white socks and their panties are visible whether they are nylon or rubber baby panties over diapers. Grownups like to see little girls all dressed up and I really doubt anyone will ask why you have your daughter in a diaper and baby panty.

  • I have never ever heard such nonsense in my life

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