Diapered teen

I'm 20 years old and I'm a bed wetter. Until I was 17 I'd never woken up in a dry bed, I didn't go to sleepovers when I was a kid, or on school camps. After I turn 17 it seemed to just 'dry up' over night, it was great, I could have a real girlfriend and we could sleep in same bed without her getting wet. So that's wht I did, i got a girl friend and we moved in together amd had a baby. Now after 2 years together, I've started wetting the bed again. I started off once or twice a week but now its every night. I havent been dry at night for 2 months now. My gf is really nice about it bit she gets me to wear adult diapers to bed so she doesn't wake up wet and so the sheets don't have to be washed every day. I don't mind wearing them, they're comfortable and I like the security of knowing I won't wake up to a huge mess.

I hate having to hide this, I just gets so hard sometimes. I want people to know so I don't have to worry about them finding out but I'm too nervous to tell them.

So, my name Corey long and this my secret.



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  • Help!I am a girl,15 and catholic.I finially recieved my sacrement of baptism this past september in the youth class and per parish policy all of us preteen and teen girls were baptized as babies and per the dress code had to wear a poofy,white,midthigh length,short sleeve dress with a bonnet,lace socks and white mary jane shoes and had to wear a cloth diaper,plastic pants and tee shirt under the dress.After my party,my boyfriend,eric whos 16,took me to his house and he was alone as his parents were out.He was so aroused by the fact that i was a 'baby',that he took my baptism dress off of me and made me drop to my knees and give him a b****** and made me swallow his c**.Since then,in the last three months,he has asked me to put my baptism diaper,plastic pants,tee shirt and bonnet on and give him blow jobs.I have done it only once since then,which was last month over thanksgiving.Now he wants me to wear the diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt under my poofy christmas dress on christmas eve and expects me to give him another b******.Should i do it for him? please give me some advice.

  • I am a girl 16 and a bedwetter and i am required by my parents to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants to bed every night.my mom puts them on me like a baby and uses baby powder and lotion on me.

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