My skin is my favorite snack.

Yup, the title alone probably should have freaked you out already. Lots of people in the world tend to have a bad habit of biting their nails. Some people (such as myself) also have a bad habit of biting the skin around the nail, and then sometimes eating it. But I take it to a whole different level. Not only do I bite and eat my nails and the skin around it, I eat the skin off the bottom of my feet. Yup. Tasty, right? The best way to get the skin off are nail clippers, press hard onto my skin, and CLICK, a chuck of skin is cut right off. It doesn't end there though, I get a whole bunch at one time, then throw it all on my mouth and eat it...and swallow it. The texture is so addictive, and the saltiness of my feet make it so much more delicious.

Yup. I'm crazy. But I love it.

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  • I do the same thing most weeks, I just love picking, cutting, nibbling at my skin I also get a needle and pick out the ingrowing hairs on my arms and legs

  • I do EXACTLY the same thing.

    I also go f****** nuts when the soles of my feet get dry at night, that dry rub against my other foot is maddening... so i wear socks in bed. But then my soles rub against the dry cloth and that makes it worse...

    Often i use some moisteriser or just water but actually the best solution is to score the sole of my heel... with nail clippers or a knife. Works great - and obviously all the surplus skin is just trash if you don't eat it...

    But i do liek to make sure i've washed first.

  • you now know that you are nasty:(

  • i puked after reading this one out .. my stomach hurts

  • I eat my boogers & so does my wife

  • Woah.. Ever tried putting seasoning on it?

  • Aha, I think I am gonna be sick now. -_-

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