What am i?

I actually think i'm a vampire. maybe not the cloaked blood sucking demons in the movies, but the truth behind the myth. i have a skin condition called urticaria. its a condition that gives my skin hives when in contact with sunlight. in school i was always faster, stronger, sharper by a long shot. i dont own crosses or go to church i feel a physical pain if i do. just to top it off i never sleep at night. im always active. what am i? no doubt alot of people will call bulls****, i dont care i need to tell someone cause i'm seriously freaked out right now.

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  • I knew some people in high school who thought they were vampires. Friends of mine actually. The movie "Interview with a vampire" came out my sophomore year of high school, and they were really in to it. It's a phase. You grow out of it. They stuck with it until they were in their 20s and had to finally join the real world. Now they are surveyors for a road crew.

  • Eating steak cooked rare will ease the symptoms somewhat.

  • Bite me.

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