I can't take it.

I guess I have anger management issues, well that's what my mom and brother joke around that I have. I take things to the extremes or don't bother with it at all. If I'm mad, I am p*****. I don't cry; haven't cried in ages. Tears slip down my cheeks, but I don't legit let it out. I brought up the word depression so many times, hoping to leave you a hint. Gathered enough courage to tell you I may be mildly depressed. About 4 months later, about 3 weeks from the present time, I felt hopeless and tried cutting. At first I used a razor to scratch at my skin, but didn't let it cut through since I hate the feeling of cold blood. I used my own nails and a nail cutter to pinch at my skin. I've only had three of these breakdowns since then, just scratching at my skin deep enough before it would bleed. I need help. I don't want to ask. There are people in worse conditions than me, as my mom always said. I self harm even more because of this.
I've never told anyone. But you.

Apr 16, 2012

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  • right friend i appologise for speaking out of turn but you as well know nothing of me i'm not going to conflict on who had a worse life i'm just going to walk away and you know what i fear no one and i approach all people on the street with a smile and a wave... that's all you need to know friend also i don't throw my s*** on people i was just pointing out a flaw in your statement thats all

  • what i find quite saddening is you say these people as though your not one of us yet you yourself give advice... curious... you should know by now that the only way to know what someone is going through is by living their life to a tee and even then your own beliefs or decisions make it different and thus problematic yet people still seek advice from fakes and haters and truths and care givers why because we are social animals so we seek help when we need it
    aimed at the guy who said don't listen to us...

  • Thats why I give advice your choice to listen if you seek it I dont push my s*** on anybody and you don't know s*** about me tell me what you know about see nearly everyone you love in a casket goin to your bestfriend funeral at 5 years old I been through s*** most people begged for there life while me I accepted death on plenty occasions you don't know me and i promise If you met me you would think twice about approaching me in the streets and I wasn't speaking to you so speak only when spoken to s*** like that get killed but you scary so next time you see a comment mind your dam business and let the person speak who post I reply 2

  • These people are the same they don't know what you go through there all fake trying to hard to give advice you got choice and to you can choose to be happy or down find something worth being happy for cuz half the time people don't care about you I can give you advice but I can't tell you anything it's all up 2 you sometimes it's best to find somebody true if I were your friend I'd listen no matter what but reality is there are few like me who will stick with you and help you hold your head up people goin to tell you there are people going thru worser but it don't matter your not burdening everyone with your problems so why cant you get help cuz your problems ain't that bad that's what most would say but some people ain't use to seeing bad when everyone around them are happy that's why were the silent good luck man and I hope you find away to cope let me know cuz I still got some skeletons in my closet I'm trying to deal with

  • ok if i may first to the young person you need to not do that so much even if it's difficult i under stand that pain is addicting i'll help you through as best i can second to the rager you need to calm down we comment to help people not to show our ignorance so i say to you try going through a hard spot in life and let's see you come out with 0 cuts and/or bruises

  • how about if u GROW THE F*** UP !!!!stop ur g****** crying and trying to get attention,if u hate ur family then leave.what the hells wrong with u ?

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