Sick of being teased for being Indian!

I'm from India and just moved here and started going to a school where everyone is white. I have brown skin and really stick out. I've made some friends, but many people make jokes about me cuz of my race. They tell me I talk like the guy from the big bang theory. And they always ask me to say things in an Indian accent. They ask me how much curry I eat everyday. But worst of all, is the p*** jokes they make. They tell me that because i'm brown, I remind them of p***, and call me turdskin!They ask all kinds of stupid questions relating India to feces. Questions I have been asked Are:Do Indians eat p***? Do they bathe in it? Do they enjoy the smell? Every time they are around me they say something related to p***/farts. Every time there is a fart smell in class, they accuse me of doing it. One kid even made a song about me and poo! Its so embarrassing to be associated with smelly, stinky s***, when others are judged as good-looking and sexy. I'm tired of being called poo boy and t*** skin. why are people so racist?

Jun 10, 2015

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  • Well Indians do seem to like p***! They worship cow p***, and make all sorts of things with it. I've heard of Indians using their p*** to make paper, soap, shampoo, and using it as a cooking fuel. Like it or not dude, your country is associated with p***. And you being brown, you're the color of stinky fecal matter. You'll just have to live with it!

  • I feel your turmoil and dilemma.It's a hard situation to be in.You can either endure the racist,stereotypical and prejudiced remarks or you can confront your; racist perpetrators and tell them to get f*****!!
    But on a serious note, be diplomatic when you address your feelings :)

    Find better friends :)

  • Just go get fuckd then put a feather up ur hole

  • The more you care the more they'll tease you, criticize you. Don't let them. I'm an Indian as well and I've dealt with bullies my entire life. I'm stronger now and fight for myself. In fact, even white guys fall for me. Not a joke! Trust me, you've to make them realize what they're doing is wrong instead of suffering from itself.

  • Just pull down your pants and unload a "brown steamer" right in their face! they may still call you t*** boy, but at least they will fear you! good luck, my smelly friend. lOl

  • Take out a toy pistol and pretend as though you're going to shoot them Haha!

  • I say, embrace your reputation man. THERE IS POWER IN P***! You are like a super hero. You could call yourself a cool name like: brown thunder, or shart man, turdinator, or deadly deuece! Your super power could be farting and pooping! If someone angers you, just bend over and release the fumes from last nights chicken curry, right in there face!

  • Try insulting them back, but if you want to be the bigger person then just ignore them. They have nothing better to do than pick on another persons genetic makeup. Which clearly shows they are imbeciles. Love yourself and ignore the haters. The reason why they talk about how much your skin is so dark is because they envy it, otherwise they wouldn't even care to comment. Best wishes.

  • Hang in there. Sounds like you're going to a school with a bunch of ignorant and immature kids. Just ignore them as much as you can. Summer is here and hopefully next year you won't be the new kid and will have made some friends.

  • Stop bathing in p***, dude!

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