I love sniffing my coworkers seat

I love sniffing the seat of my coworkers chair when she gets up! She is the only one that sits in this seat, so I know she is the one I am sniffing the odors from.

She is a very pretty young Latina with a bubble but and a small slender frame, her chair though always smells strong! I'm not sure but I think she doesn't wipe herself too great. It turns me on like no tomorrow!

Just yesterday she went to lunch and I was able to not only steal a sniff of her nasty ass smell but I had a chance to indulge in her sneakers she kept in her bag. She goes to the gym before work every morning and this is the only time I was able to get to her sneakers, her feet stink real bad too.

She is a single girl and is always talking to her sister on the phone how she can never keep a man, I know why too, because her ass smells so bad!

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  • A most inviting thought I've come apone in many years since working in town, and too commuting on rail to work for over 13 years. This perticular girl mentioned, of her bubble butt, and nice slender build, Latina appears the ideal lass I'd love to sniff, with her natural toxic a*** odour. Especially herself taking to the gym prior work, and her stinky foot odour too. I always endured the well worn vinyl office chairs we had in our office areas, and have a young female be seated with a smelly bum, giving its natural odour of the a***, especially a well developed smelly poo scent, with sweat and bacteria. However have scented a females frontal area after parting a vinyl seat, leaving a wet mark with a musty smelly odour, alike to stale wee, and alittle vaginal odour. However the poo smell is my flavorsom scent, in the a*** region. I once sniffed a young female on a train, close to 20 years ago, with a large tight bubble butt, in tight black nylon yoga pants. She left a wet a*** mark, and once I sniffed the wet moist sweat stain on the vinyl seat, it smelled very musty and rich. It really wasn't poo, but like a almost blended sweat, pee, and aswell foot odour, with slight traces of faces bacteria. I loved it, dispite its pundit odour. I even wished it could be worse on a hot day and seated aleast a hour.

  • Yes I love the odour of poo on vinyl seats, from young females, especially if nice round tight bums in spandex yoga pants all moist sweaty and naturally smelly of there discharge. In particular with extra fecal odour and well developed bacteria and sweat. And leaving a heavily moist sweaty stinky residue, with combined natural smelly enriched odours blended well together. And placing my nostrils into the moisture and inhale the stench.

  • I'm a man and I love the scent of women's ass and feet!

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