I love sniffing my coworkers seat

I love sniffing the seat of my coworkers chair when she gets up! She is the only one that sits in this seat, so I know she is the one I am sniffing the odors from.

She is a very pretty young Latina with a bubble but and a small slender frame, her chair though always smells strong! I'm not sure but I think she doesn't wipe herself too great. It turns me on like no tomorrow!

Just yesterday she went to lunch and I was able to not only steal a sniff of her nasty ass smell but I had a chance to indulge in her sneakers she kept in her bag. She goes to the gym before work every morning and this is the only time I was able to get to her sneakers, her feet stink real bad too.

She is a single girl and is always talking to her sister on the phone how she can never keep a man, I know why too, because her ass smells so bad!

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  • F*** that makes me hard. I love when guys or girls leave a ripe butt smell on their seats.

  • Has anyone enjoyed the smelly scent of a girl on a warm vinyl seat? It's been a while now since I've enjoyed the odour. My best was a young female commuter on a Sydney C set train 3rd April 1997. Boarded the Liverpool bound train from Central Sydney to Fairfield at approx 6.15pm. I only randomly have the thoughts of young females of previous times leaving odour on vinyl seats, at any given time, anywhere. Only thought of it half hour prior of a large girl whom I'm friends with, leaving a sweat odour some years back. I took on the train, down stairs and seen this girl casually layed on the seat with a big bag on her lap. The carriage was four rows forward seating and reverse. Most forward seats were 3 across in direction of the destination, and the remaining two seat sections occupied. I took to seating next to the girl, and I assumed the seats would fill, and I'd have to move to let commuters out of the seats if needed. So I sat beside this young lass. Was a couple chatting behind us cheerfully, and the commute was was about 10 minutes until the next stop at Ashfield. However unknowingly I was brought to my attention the girl came close to missing her stop when she promptly arose and I moved out of the seat to let her move out briskly not to miss her stop. The blue fresh upholstery fabric would of been fragrant of the inviting modern trim, so odours would masked, opposed to a well worn vinyl enhancing any odours. The young female of age early to mid twenties left a distinctive wet residue from a a***. Most moist, and it brought my nose on to it. One sniff and I was inhaling possibly the most prudent odour a girl could give. Bacteria! Kinda not poo, however blended with sweat, and a very rich musty odour. Phew it was good! I'd only wondered if a worn vinyl seat give out a more detailed arising scent. I always to this day, think! The girl on the train, especially seeing a C set train.

  • I'm just waiting to endure the odour of a girl. To enjoy a well scented worn vinyl seat of her natural odour. A warm sweaty smelly fragrant, smells of the scents of her haven of natural aroma. The best of a gym spendex pants of a female with a round tight bubble butt.

  • Gosh I love the scent of a girls odour on a nice warm vinyl seat. Sniff the natural aroma of the smell of well fragrance poo, urine and f****. Especially a nice big tight bubble butt in well warmed up yoga spendex tights, and it nice wet and very smelly.

  • Just reading all these comments just makes me want to find a desirable female thats been seated for a while. Love the well worn vinyl seats, chairs, and a gym girl whom has a bubble butt, in tight yoga pants. Her parting the seat and leave a moist residue of sweat. Love the a*** part, moisture, bacteria, and it smelling of her natural juices, musty with fecal scents drawing into my nostrils.

  • If u think thats why she cant keep a man then why do u enjoy the smell?

  • Elementary my dear watson, cause I'm a sick f****** perv.

  • I'm a male, and if I could do it without getting caught, I'd love to sniff a woman's vinyl seat just after she'd vacated it.
    Hopefully, it would smell of her ass, and if I could be certain that she was the only person that ever sat there, then it would turn me on to sit down on it !

  • Yes my ultimate desire to sniff and scent a young females vinyl seat. I've done this since eight, now 50, and find the well worn vinyl the best. Always engage for the area around the bottom to scent poo. Today only had this on my mind whilst at the local shops with vinyl seats. Was a hot day and one lady left the seat wet with sweat, however so odour. Only thought of a woman in 1986 whom I sniffed on a old train in Sydney, and kinda thought she'd leave odour, as she appeared abit shabby in attire and possibly missed a wash. Promptly took to her seat and sniffed on the upper part where her bottom poo part would have rested, and did feel poo. Kinda a mild scent, but possibly due to not washed and fecael bacteria mixed with sweat.

  • Get on (pantydeal.com) ladies just love selling their stinky undies on there. Had few myself, drive me wild..

  • The bigger, fatter and rounder her ass is the more glorious she is, with broad, full hips and big thighs. NOTHING like it

  • I would love to smell the female rapper Cardi B Seat or chair ..I no that Big Butt smell good 😊❤👍

  • A most inviting thought I've come apone in many years since working in town, and too commuting on rail to work for over 13 years. This perticular girl mentioned, of her bubble butt, and nice slender build, Latina appears the ideal lass I'd love to sniff, with her natural toxic a*** odour. Especially herself taking to the gym prior work, and her stinky foot odour too. I always endured the well worn vinyl office chairs we had in our office areas, and have a young female be seated with a smelly bum, giving its natural odour of the a***, especially a well developed smelly poo scent, with sweat and bacteria. However have scented a females frontal area after parting a vinyl seat, leaving a wet mark with a musty smelly odour, alike to stale wee, and alittle vaginal odour. However the poo smell is my flavorsom scent, in the a*** region. I once sniffed a young female on a train, close to 20 years ago, with a large tight bubble butt, in tight black nylon yoga pants. She left a wet a*** mark, and once I sniffed the wet moist sweat stain on the vinyl seat, it smelled very musty and rich. It really wasn't poo, but like a almost blended sweat, pee, and aswell foot odour, with slight traces of faces bacteria. I loved it, dispite its pundit odour. I even wished it could be worse on a hot day and seated aleast a hour.

  • I do that too on trains were I live at in NYC ..some of them have a sweet ass scent ..perfume smell ..😊👍❤

  • Yes I love the odour of poo on vinyl seats, from young females, especially if nice round tight bums in spandex yoga pants all moist sweaty and naturally smelly of there discharge. In particular with extra fecal odour and well developed bacteria and sweat. And leaving a heavily moist sweaty stinky residue, with combined natural smelly enriched odours blended well together. And placing my nostrils into the moisture and inhale the stench.

  • Yes it's a wonderful sensational feeling to actually enjoy a young female whom could give a most unpleasant experience to anyone taking apone a sniff, and be so disgusted with the stench! We're so odd, perverse, and something that is purely off putting to the nose, is a sensual joy with a passion to enjoy. It's something of a girl whom has a bad scented natural part of their natural habitat, that gives something bad a gracious love of their natural part.

  • I'm a man and I love the scent of women's ass and feet!

  • I love smelling women seats.. Not feet not my thing .smelling shoes

  • Yes myself a man I'm much engraced by young females natural genital scents and too endure the more fragrant smell of young females scents where they pass urine, vaginal and in particular the a*** region. I've had this fetish since around age eight, and it was brought on by myself having fixed senses sniffing various types of things, and material objects. Would lean on my mums old flat brown vinyl dining chair, and just sniff the scent of the vinyl seat. One occasion I smelled around the seat of the vinyl, and unknown of what to expect, until my nose benched near the back area, and scented a odour of poo. It then brought me reliesing a 'bum on seat, bum hole, poo hole, and I took this fetish since age eight, and in particular girls and young females scenting their odour protruding areas in hope of a little poo, and other smelly genital scents.

  • In these comments outlayed of numerous occasions smelling natural scents of girls and young females, I've not had the joy to take the opportunity to nowadays enjoy this fetishistic love I've had for over 40 years. These days don't travel on public transport, and nowadays generally seats are not as what they were, with the more worn vinyl style seats I so find enduring, and enhance feminine natural scents. Seems more females wear feminine products to mask any natural odour in their private region, and it being very rare to find a female whom has worked all day and used the bathroom, been naturally scented with any natural odour of sweat, urine, and less likely even a little poo scent. It be like one in a million commuters whom would, and like a lotto win having a sniff of a warm vinyl seat on a very humid warm day, and be welcomed the smell of poo.

  • I sniffed a female drivers seat it smelled like ass

  • 😊👍

  • Wow a females drivers seat would of been my glory, especially the smell of ass.

  • In mention sniffing a females drivers seat, and smelling of ass, it has me viewing our local Munch mobile canteen vans passing by whilst I sit outside the local pizza cafe. Each of the female drivers have that b**** look, and I cease to wonder some are not the most particular in feminine hygiene wearing fine absorbent cologne, and on a very warm heated run with a non air conditioned vehicle, some with their big bums may glaze a scent of good ole hardy feminine sweaty smelly and a little natures prudent odours.

  • One time I caught a friend of mine ..a bus driver.. When she went to the bathroom ..she had a seat cushion in the driver seat ..and I smelled ..it smelled wonderful 😊❤ love that ass scent

  • Ummm nice one, love to sniff that female drivers seat. What fragment odours you endured?

  • I love girls vinyl seats. My all time favourite are VW Bug seats

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