I don't wanna have camsex anymore

I am 20 and I've been in a relationship for 7 years. I have occasionally been having camsex with strangers since the past 8 years and no one knows about it. I don't even like it and don't think about it , but I just open omegle and get dirty. :(
My s** life with my guy is great but I'm feeling very guilty.An hour before I got physical with him for the first time, I'd had camsex with a stranger. I feel terribly guilty.
Of late I've realised that my relationship with my guy has been an emotionally abusive one.He's cheated on me twice but we resolved all issues and got back both times.But even during the rough days,he's been honest with me. With all the emotional abuse that he gives me, he is clearly the one to be blamed and he knows it but I feel terribly guilty for this. I swear I will not do it again and I love my guy very much and nothing is more important to me than my relationship with my guy.
And somehow I am more turned on during the camsex than in real life. I am not a s*** . :( I don't want to have camsex ever again. I feel guilty for not having been the perfect girlfriend.

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  • Stop asap. people DO record that s*** and upload it online, FOREVER!!!!

  • Mostly a bunch of guys jerking off.
    To the poster, perhaps you could try camming with your boyfriend, maybe right before you see eachother. Make it like a tease and finish in person...

  • Ok this girl is really asking for help so she needs proper responses alright!
    Do not do it again.Trust me that's gonna take you once step closer to being the perfect girlfriend

  • so tell me, where can i find you online for some of this camsex?

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