I sought compliments

I have a boyfriend... but he does not satisfy any of my love languages.. most important one being words. so i went on omegle and asked people if i was pretty and kinda "lead them on" looking for words of affirmation. i never exposed myself or agreed to lewd things at all; but i still feel guilty as if i emotionally cheated on him. i dont want anyone but him!! and i love him and no one but him with all my heart oh my god. but he just leaves me feeling emotionally empty sometimes... so i sought for someone elses emotions towards me. i just want to feel wanted and important. i feel so guilty, but i feel so empty. i love him.. but loving hurts

Jul 27

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  • When you went online did you let guys beat off while you watched them? I think that is very flattering and if it happens often you know you are pretty.

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