What am i doing

Today i asked my mom if a can go see that Ted movie with my bestie and her sisters. but instead of her saying oh sure your 18 go ahead,she had to f****** look it up on that stupid website screenit or whatever and said no. B**** do you know how much s*** i do for you? i f****** clean the house3times a week and s***. I just need to go take my License test and then i'm out of this h*** hole. go live with my friend and her mom and get my tongue pierced and watch f****** R rated movie whenever the h*** i want. you know what mom. i don't feel bad for having s** on the couch now.and yes yes i'am going to get on birth control and you will never find out.i'm 18!give me a f****** break!geez mom!I'm sorry i'm not my older sister who is almost 21 and lives in her own place and still asks if she can watch certine movies.

Jun 29, 2012

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  • well you can do whatever you want now, your of legal age to make your own choices, I mean some parents just can't seem to let go, I guess they wanna keep treating their teenageers and young adults like babies, it make them feel some sense of usfulness and being needed not mention the control and power they have over their children because they relly don't have any power or control over their own lives.I never was like that with my 4 daughter. anyway just take the time to think things over when making choices, remember your on your own best wishes!

  • Learn to spell like an adult then maybe she will see you as such..

  • Considering your mom's attitude, you shouldn't feel bad at all about doing that on the sofa. And in fact, you should do it again.

    And again.

    (After you get the b/c, naturally.)

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