Fake, even in trying to die.

I'm ready to kill all these teenage hoes. The new thing seems to be 'cutting'. They think, simply, "oh dear. My pathetic, first world life is ruined because I caught my father j**********, or my mother smashing his picture. My phone is gone and the eleventh grader I've been wanting for Sooooo loooong just want's my body!' This is then an excuse to say, 'i'm mentally scarred.' 'I want to kill myself." 'I know pain.'
Who the h*** are you, to say you know pain? I'm not going to be pretension and say that I know pain. but cutting yourself is not an excuse for me to tell you, 'you are beautiful' or 'people care.' Because i don't give a s***. Go kill yourself, but don't fake out. Just do it. Your obvious bullshit and cries for attention have fallen on deaf ears.
Yes, you are ugly. Yes, you are stupid, and NO, i'm not going to try and make you feel any better. I'm done with you all.

Go to h***, moody and sheltered teen aged-girls.
I'm one of you, and yet I hate you all.

I'd rather get a s** change and be done with this whole ordeal. I confess, I want you all dead.


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  • I agree with you, all these stupid little b****** have no idea what pain is, I used to cut but it wasn't because my bf left me, I'm a lesbian! or whatever other stupid s*** they said is the problem, they don't even bother trying to hide it! You'd think if they had a real problem they wouldn't want people to find out, I didn't

  • hey listen here you little f****** worthless peice of s*** . i cut my self. ! because i get made fun of . are you f****** stupid. how dare you insult us like that. why tell us to go kill your self. see STUPID people like you make us do these kinds of things. hunny , why don't you burn in h*** . the last time i checked it ours lifes not your hun. so you need to shut your f****** mouth you c***.

  • Awwww didn't daddy love you? Lol

  • ive been made fun of all through school ....... but ive never cut myself. dumb ass weak b****. fuking exaggerate everything you do. make it out worse than it is.

  • Oh right well...you sound like a moody b****** yourself, lols.

    If you really don't care, why are you so bothered by it?
    Why should what they say affect you?
    F*** up, seriously.

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