12 Seconds!? Seriously

My boyfriend, whom I love, and I finally had s**. We're both barely 15. We had sort of done it before but we never finished and we were finally alone and did it. I rode him and we had issues putting it in and it hurt at first but we'd already done it and it hadn't (both times he was on top except this one). But yet this wasn't the problem, like all week I was begging him to f*** me and we finally got the chance and the b****** came in 12 seconds, I didn't even come close to coming close. It was like all the buildup to the moment then I got on and got off. I wanted to have s** cause I want an o***** which I've never really had despite my years of trying. WHAT THE F***! 12 SECONDS? WHO C*** THAT FAST?!

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  • I c** that fast! I would love to be humiliated by you afterwards.

  • Why stop. I'm a guy and when I c** if I just keep going I will stay hard until I c** again and then stop. Try it.

  • Their totally right: stop f****** boys and start f****** men. it'll change your entire life.

  • This is a common problem and what I did to deal with this was to still date the guys at school, just for the social aspect, but then I started having a relationship with the father of one of my girlfriends. The s** was totally amazing (he always, always, always got me off with his c*** or his tongue or his fingers), and he always gave me stuff, but I have to say the s** was better than any s** I've ever had in my entire lifetime, and part of it was because what we were doing was sooooooooo wrong. That was like 15 years ago, when marriage meant something. But marriage doesn't mean anything anymore to anybody, so you should really just have a wild-ass fling with one of your friends dads. Or maybe more than one. They will love you and you will definitely love them. Enjoy.

  • Give him a break, jeez ! You are BOTH young and he's probably not very experienced. BE NICE. Tell him sweetly how you really want him inside of you and want to experience it for longer and help him find things online or in books to encourage him how to train himself to last longer. Or go slower with f******...starting and stopping and starting and stopping so he learned how to control himself better and last longer.

    You LOVE him, remember? If you're barely FIFTEEN and having s**, welcome to REAL LIFE girl. People have to LEARN how to be good lovers. Handle s** and intimacy with maturity, sensitivity and understanding. Don't worry, you'll get to c** ! Your s** life has barely begun !

  • Jeez! you must be a boy yourself defending your fellow boys, Well it's about time more young girls woke up to smell the coffee, and see why these older women are always condemning men who want young girls or young girls who want older men, these older women just don't like the fact that they can lose their men to young sweet things, and boys don't want to lose their girls to older men, that's why they're always trying to discourage these types of relationships by putting guilt trips on men and girls telling the public that it is perverted, disgusting and wrong when it really isn't but I'm glad that people are starting to figure things out for themselves, it's been a long time coming and I'm glad!!!

  • Yeah this is pretty much typical with teen boys. This is why I never enjoyed s** till I was older and got with older men.

  • This is the problem with dating "boys": they are NEVER going to satisfy you, or even ever make you feel like a woman. NEVER. No matter how much they try, they just can't f*** worth a s***. They can't even eat p**** worth a s***. So, what are they worth? That's right: they're worth s***.

    You need to do what me and all my friends did at your age. We got fake IDs and went to bars EVERY Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and hooked up with guys in their 30s and some early 40s. Not only have they had experience dealing with women and figuring out how to please them, they have all the money and they can take you nice places and buy you nice things and treat you the way a girl like you needs to be treated. The s** will be fan-f******-tastic and you'll be doing way more fun things than your pitiful little 12-second boyfried could even imagine. Not to mention that every single one of them will really love dating a girl so young.

    Stop wasting your time on boys, honey, and go get you a f****** man. Let him do the work and you just enjoy yourself.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!

  • A lot of young men, even above the age of 15, do. You had very high s** expectations...I'm sorry to break it to you but it's not gonna be like a p****. lol

  • Call me when you are 18...that would make me 28 at the time. I can go for 2 hours or until you beg me to stop. gdlee@windstream,net

  • Um...a typical 15-y/o boy! :)

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