A true love - part 2

How can i be so stupid!! If you love someone fight for it!!
When i was a child i had a teddy bear, I loved him so much and where I went he was with me all the time! Then one day we went to a baby shower an i was just a kid! The mother of the baby just took my teddy bear away saying that i was too old for a teddy bear anyway! I was stunned and froze and didnt do anything! In stead I should have fought for my Teddy bear! Crying or just grap it away from her again! Thats how my life is all te time now.. I dont fight enough for what I love! And I feel bad when its taken away from me! Just like that musician I love! I just let it slip away again! suppose someone takes your child away or kipdnap, then you would fight too right??
Well, I should have fight for my teddy bear and now i will fight for love too!!
Also i always got second hand toys..never made a scene in shops when my Mom and Dad didnt buy what I wanted..so i always get second choice things now in life. When a kid starts to make a scene in a toystore at least he or she is trying to get what he wants! That means when he is an adult he will fight to be the best, or achieve things or become a bussiness
So to everybody here! Fight for what or whom you love!! I know I am
not there yet and need to fight too for the one I love even though he is taken. But every cell in my body says that we belong to each other! Ive never experienced that before and I am not a teenager anymore!
But teddy bear made me realize now that it was my fault i just let him go!!
Hope this makes sense...

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  • You're not a child anymore. Stop acting like a child. You can't always get what you want. Sometimes fighting for something that you want can be immature. Sometimes the best decision isn't what you want but what is best for you. Sometimes if you love someone you have to let them go. If this person is with someone else, then it's obvious that they don't want to be with you. Are you going to fight for someone who doesn't want you? That's vain. Act mature and find someone who loves you for you and someone you love in the same way.

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