He's such a dumbasss

I seriously think my husband has a stupid gene. Would you believe this:

He looked at a box of cake mix once and thought that they were already made, all you had to do was open the box and heat them up. He does not read labels, he just assumes stuff off the top of his head.

Another thing that makes him look like a moron is he'll say "thing" instead of take the time to find the appropriate word for something. He used to call my treadmill a "running thing." He called my new sports bras a "running thing."

It frustrates me so much, and it really makes me wonder if this is why he's 52 years old and only making $26,000 a year. All his siblings and even our nieces and nephews make 2x-4x that.

It really is a shame because he's a wonderful, smart, intelligent, hard-working, loving person. But when he does these stupid things I yell at him and storm out of the room telling him to "read the f****** label!" I know that isn't how you solve the problem but I'm at my wits' end.

I wish their was some way to get him to use better vocabulary without emasculating him.

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  • You said he's a dumbass,but also intelligent! Make your mind up,woman!! You sound like the dumbass to me!

  • I can see how that would be frustrating, but it doesn't sound like it's something new. And it doesn't sound like he's makes any effort to change things. Maybe he has a learning disability that has never been looked into so he avoids reading things like labels. Is it possible that he can't read or read well? There are people who slip through the cracks and still find jobs. It's possible he just doesn't care, maybe he's just content with his life and how he lives it. Or maybe he knows that you'll read the labels or correct him.

  • Oh that's great. He's an intelligent bla bla bla man, but he doesn't make that much money as his siblings. You're a b****. And I feel bad for him to be with a b**** who makes fun of him like that.

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