I Cant Sleep Alone ..

Im a 14 year old girl. Im in 8th grade, and ill be going to high school in august. I really feel embarrased to say, but i dont sleep alone. I honestly just cant. In my little brothers room, there are 2 beds. 1 for my 5 year old brother, and the other for my 11 year old brother. At night , when I go to sleep, I automaticly go to my 5 year olds brothers' bed, and go to sleep with him. He doesnt mind at all , actually. As a matter of fact, he likes when i sleep with him. A couple nights ago, i tried sleeping in my own room, but i chickened out and went back to my brothers bed. I stay up the whole night staring at my door if i try. I've already prayed that I could change my ways, and be a normal teenager. I've actually cried through the night, asking God why im not normal... But sadly, i dont know what to do anymore.
So ive come here to ask.. If its okay if i sleep with my little brother. Not in a sexual way, but just sleep in the same bed. My moms already said its okay, that i'll grow out of it... but , im going to high school next year. I feel like i have a mental issue, but my mom says im fine..

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  • I would suggest psychiatric counseling. You sound like you have anxiety issues and have a touch of paranoia.

  • I have a similar issue, and I'm 19. I stopped sleeping in the same room as my little sister, (we had bunk beds), and started sleeping in my own room only 3 years ago. I still don't sleep without a nightlight or a stuffed animal.

  • you just need something to hug a pillow works but if it needs to be anatomically correct (arms legs and head) get your self a teddy also 60 percent of adult males 70 percent of adult females in london admitedly sleep with a teddy

  • please contact me im a 14 year old 8th grade guy and you have my life, same fears and everything. i would love to speak with you more. :)

  • You don't have a mental issue, but it sounds like anxiety. Are you nervous about high school? Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Take a look at your bedroom and figure out what it is that makes you so uncomfortable. Is it too dark? Would a night light help? Is too light? Is it noisy? Can the bed be moved to another location? Does something scare you? would a sound machine help? Then try transitioning slowly into sleeping in your room. Sleeping in the same bed with your brother should be okay..as long as his sleep is not interrupted or that he is still able to fall asleep by himself.

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