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So, my parents are divorced, and one lives in Virginia, the other in South Carolina. There's a boy I really like in both states, but I'm already dating one. Is it ok to still like both?

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  • It's TOTALLY okay to like as many as you want, and as many as you're attracted to. There'll be plenty of time in your life for seriousness, but this isn't it. Be happy, have fun, go out, and keep them all guessing! :)

  • Yes!!!!!!

    Most boys aren't faithful until they are in their 30's. They date other females all the time. My mother said when a person male or female is young date who you want. It's your life as long as your not hurting anyone. Don't sleep with both at same time ...that's nasty but until u decide who you like best and you will it's ok to like them.

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