Im strange strange person

Well here goes everything : i am not bi or gay atleast i dnt think but i like to lick my friends all of them p**** . i like the taste of it. but i gotta bf he says hes ok with me doin that i even do it in front of him sometimes .he never seems to get upset but when i do more then that like rub their t*** or play with them he gets p*****. and i also slept with my brothers their both 17 but im only 14 . it happens alot and we still have s** an play wit each other today. i always want to have s** alot alot I even had s** with some of my teachers.. i never told on them though . i liked it. i dont wana be a w**** but it seems like i just am . i also m********* alot. is that bad? i got my vibrator.. am i a freak?



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  • lol amateur troll

  • Stop making stuff up and get off the internet!

  • im not making anything is ur f****** problem

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