I hate other atheists

I don't believe in God, but religious people don't bother me. I really hate atheists. Most of them act so f****** superior and won't shut up about how f****** right they are.
Whenever religion comes up in a conversation, they put their debating hats on and spout the same s*** they heard Bill Maher say on TV last week and soon they become just as smug and argumentative about everything.
I have some crazy devout religious friends who are way more accepting that they are and I prefer spending my time with them. They are nice and patient and better people. But tell that to other atheists and they'll tell you they're naive and stupid.

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  • Yep you're stupid

  • Unfortunately there are many atheists like that :/ There are also many who are not like that. And I also know many devoutly religious people who are like what you describe. Ultimately, it depends on the person, not what religion (or lack of religion) they are a part of, to whether they are annoying, judgmental, and argumentative.

  • Not all atheist are like that. just dempending on there personality as a person

  • Careful with the generalizations, I am atheist, and I have respect for those who are religious. It's true that I like to come with arguments, but that is part of my personality and has been since long before I started considering myself atheist.
    I do understand some of your opinions, though. But most of that goes for almost any religion too, not just atheists. Everybody is protective of what they believe in, the difference is just HOW protective (personality) and what those beliefs are.

  • Oh my god, I know people like that too and they really get on my nerves. They believe in not believing and defend it with the same passion of religion. In a way, it becomes their religion, so they are no "better", if there's such a thing. They love to argue for argument's sake. And it's so funny- an atheist thinks religious people are inferior and stupid, but he also needs them to exist because he needs to keep feeling superior. I felt that way reading Richard Dawkins. He's obsessed with proving other people wrong. He doesn't write to spread atheism or convert religious people into it, but to give atheists more arguments to use in heated, completely pointless debates. Exactly the same way some Christian missionaries write, using arguments from the bible when the reader probably doesn't even believe in the bible in the first place.

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