Assworship and Toilet Slavery

I'm a personal toilet servant seeking to be kidnapped as a 24/7 personal toilet slave to hot women. ANYTIME, you want me to assworship you, smell your ass, smell your farts and/or use my mouth as a toilet, I'm yours.

I'm actually deathly afraid of sexy women of the following body types: slim, petite, average (slender), athletic (slender or muscular), bodybuilder (muscular); and as ALL you have to do is to threaten to beat my ass and my mouth WILL be your toilet, I WILL assworship you, smell your ass; farts and eat your farts.

I don't have a vehicle, so you DON'T have to worry about me trying to get away from you; I DON'T know how to.

I REALLY get afraid when I'm alone with MULTIPLE sexy women; so, the MORE the better, with keeping afraid of you.

If you REALLY wanna see how DEATHLY AFRAID of you, I am, then, eat something that will make your s*** and farts REALLY STINKY; the STRONGER AND STINKIER it is, the MORE I WANT it to enter my mouth and nose; showing just how deathly afraid I am.

Here is something to fantasize about, using my mouth as your toilet and forcing me to smell your stench:
If at ANYTIME I refuse to or don't assworship any of y'all right; and/or fail to be able to guess, you'll surround, and each taking turns punching my face or back of the skull AS HARD AS y'all can, knocking my skull around; even to the point of lying just so y'all can circle and beat me again, then to continue the 5 items OVER AND OVER AGAIN, until I assworship y'all right and/or able to guess what EACH of y'all had; including lying and being in the bathroom with each of y'all.

Also, even, if I'm trying, but, can't, because, my brain hurts and I go down from being dizzy; y'all get SO EXTREMELY ANGRY enough to each kick my face and skull; making my face and skull bounce up and hit the floor OVER AND OVER AGAIN; including, each of y'all stomping on my face and skull once; you let ALL OF THAT buildup EVEN MORE ANGER inside of you on top of any refusal and/or guessing what you ate. Y'all attacking my face and skull also include, one person holding me still and each of y'all taking turns roundhouse kicking the front, both side of my face and the back of my skull AS HARD AS y'all can 10 times on each side; 40 times in all, then, the one holding me gets his/her turn; each time I refuse or fail.

If you want, y'all can each bash my skull into the cement or brick wall, LITERALLY splitting open the back of my skull and put my hand there, so I can feel and have knowledge that my skull has been broken by y'all, which WILL then make y'all p****** squirt; if girls and c*** get hard; if guy from JOY of me having knowledge of my brain being pounded on and damaged, along with the throbbing pain.

Please email some current pics along with a reply ONLY pertaining to this post and I will promptly get back to you. Thanks.

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