What i really Want

I want to win the lottery and have an unearned income of 52,000 dollars or more a year. I also want a man to take care of me but who my family will like. I don't want an average joe but a horse hung simple guy that's fine, educated, but somewhat country...


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  • I would like that too wish at least another 10 zeros at the end darling!

    I have a b**** sister too. always spoilt and selfish and violent and runs to nut houses and spread lies about her family. she is so evil.

    I hope my older sister has to eat roasted rats and cane toads to be honest. she has helped wreck everything in our family and home making a mess and breaking all our hearts so that she can get married all the time, this is her 4th marriage, a second wedding to the same last husband. and she is a witch she has left my life in tatters and I always knew she would leave me in this broken down old house fat old, poor and marriageless and unemployable and ill. this is what it takes for her to feel better then me. I have wished her well in the past but she never did to me, so I am not anymore wishing her well. she has caused me so much pain causing fights with family. breaking up relationships, destroying love and careers and its going to all get back in her face and eat her back. her making me ill is going to come back to her, her lies for s** and weddings is going to haunt her and get her. she has left me living worse then a nun. her evil spirit will punish her back and so will someone else.

  • Only 52K? That might seem a lot for a single person, but isn't much with a family.

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