The only time i'm happy is when i pretend all those problems don't exist. i just want to forget everything. start fresh. be someone new. who doesn't f*** everything up. i genuinely can't think of any good attributes i have that aren't fake or out on. i keep waiting for things to get better or for the strength to become a better person but i know these things won't happen because i'm a lying cheating selfish b**** who can't save herself.

Apr 15, 2012

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  • U are as good as u can be hard to believe i kno

  • U are a better person than hitler r jack the ripper and maybe more

  • You can save yourself by being truthful to people and not pretending to be somebody else. Just be who you are even if people will hate you for that because you will be standing for something you believe in not something you pretend to be.

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