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I divorced my exwife. I blamed her for all my problems and shut her out. She told me, the night before I told her I didn't love her, that she wanted to spend more time together and get to know each other again. I ignored her. What I've realized is that problems don't go away when you break your promises. I left her and all the problems I had became more difficult because she isn't there. I'm ashamed. I've started seeing someone else and we talk about going to Disney world sometimes. Every time we talk about it, all I can think about is the time my exwife and I went. We were on the "it's a small world ride" and we looked at all the pennies in the water and both said aloud "I wonder how much money is in here." she reached into her purse and pulled out two quarters, handed one to me and kept one for herself, and told me to "make a wish because we are about to be part of this ride forever." I wished that her and I could do this every year for the rest of our lives and when I asked what she wished she said "cant tell you or it won't come true." I really want to know what she wished for. I miss her and it's my fault :(


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