We all went on a school field trip last week and on the way home i had to ride a diffrent bus than my boyfirend and i wound up sitting in the back of the other bus with a guy who liked me since the beginging of the year but who i never did nothing with. after it got dark and they turne doff the bus ligts me and him went in the very very back and wound up makng out for about 2 hrs and the way he f*********** me and touched my niples made me come like crazy more times than i even remmeber and now all i think about is ho wmuch better he makes me feel than my boyfriend ever does. i mean i stil love my boyfriend but all i think about is this other guy at school and wanting to have him do me and do me. the other guy has his own girlfriend who goes to another school but hes already said he would break up withh er and go with me but i cant decide what is the best choiice even thogh my body keeps telling me to go back to the new guy and dont let him stop doing me the way he knows how to do me and i want him doing me.

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  • hey its me again and i wanted youto know that i went out with the new guy last night on ourf irst offical date and then went to his brothers apt. and hadgreat great s** better thanany i ever had. ifelt real guilty at first when i got home but i jus tcant stop it on account of it feeling so good he just knows how to do it soooo f****** good. i know you said i should tell my boyfriend but i love him and i dontwant to hurt him.

  • It's not unusual to have more than one guy interested in having s** with you. Once you cross that threshhold, you will let any guy you date to have you. You will never want to go back. So follow your instinct. Let both of them have you. You'll love the experience.

  • Wow....and there was a need to call her a s*** why??? She came here to get advice, not to be judged. I say you stay with your boyfriend and TELL him what happened. Hard yes, but you need to be honest with him.

  • i under stand they can have s** at any age they damn well please person but what i am saying is she shouldn't be so focused on the sexual side of life she should be b***** focused on her school she has college to have s** in not b***** middle school (her writing level) for christ's sake friend! you have to agree "person with no girlfriend" the-only-logical-person-left-alive out peace friends

  • pick the one that will pay u,they already think of u as a w**** {witch u r }so make then pay.....s***

  • i agree,bet daddys so proud.filthy little w****

  • Also to the person who said she was to young for s** then u r really STUPID people can have s** at any age they want so s**** you btw im to guy who put the comment of having no girlfriend

  • Ok im the same guy from the one that called you a ho but i was jking but the guy who fingered you might just want you for s** so be careful ok

  • neither your small spacing mistakes shows me your too young to be having s** at all and to boot your in school dump them both and focus on that oh wait your too young to listen to reason (i'm sorry that was so harsh i'm just hateful cause i went through high school with no relationships not of my accord btw)

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