Waste of time

When I was young I thought I was going thru h*** my dad never been there being the only male in a house full of females who I thought always sided against me but I learned thru being alone that life is what you make it im making good things happen on my own I realize why hate everyone in the world already doin it try something new be different and after I made this change in mindset the people started viewing me different some accepted my good friends and only my close family the rest hated me and few tryed to end my life but that doesn't stop me as long as I'm breathing imma keep goin and making something outta nothing and accepting the bad when you can smile at everything bad then I realize you get past it everything i do for me and the ones closest to me and occasionally helping out strangers not seeking rewards but hoping if I can pass something on to the next that's why I choose to remain unknown hopeing to pass something on and hopeing to change the ones around me when my children come I can instill the same values and know when whoever this I ain't no saint I'm a drinker and I use to smoke weed but none of this affect the love I got to help and accept my fellow man no matter what so much love to the person reading this and hope you can be part of my dream for change.

Apr 19, 2012

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  • the change in attitude got you trustworthy friends (i lost mine but that's not your issue) that's great to here and i'm proud of you i'm going to put a happy face cause i can :) :P

  • That's good cause you weeded out the fake I wrote this and i know i know I'm showing my true self and I don't care I'm happy just being me why care what other folks think cuz cuz you will find real people who accept or agree so why bother with these people :)

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