I'm so insecure

That I act cocky to hide it. I'm just an ugly 14 year old girl that is really shy and insecure and the only way I know how to cope with it is by acting cocky and arrogant. I am rude to people and I give people dirty looks and say "eww" to them. I don't respond when someone greets me. I just scorn them. I act as if everyone is contaminated. I know I'm wrong and I am a really big cold-hearted b****. I feel very guilty about it and I deserve to go to h***. So you can insult me all you want because I know it's true. I hope one day I can change.

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  • It's just the start of your journey to changing yourself around, and you well accomplish that, because you've come to the realization that you have a problem and a desire to want to change, just keep on being honest with yourself and don't deny the thoughts and feeling of the kind of person you really want to become... in my experience it is people like you that are really the most beautiful loving and caring people deep inside...so just learn to let the true you emerge and come out.

  • i don't hate you infact if i was fourteen i'd be trying my hardest to hit on you but i'm not i'm nineteen lol i smile in your general direction i respect your honesty heart's hugs and kisses all around

  • Dumbass...

  • *hugs* :)

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