Wrong person to flirt with

This happened a few months ago. I am a middle-aged man, and was at my girlfriends one weekend. I was in the living room alone when my girlfriends 21 yr. old daughter walked through the room wearing short shorts. I made a woo hoo sound,and she turned her head and her mouth half smiling dropped her jaw in disbelief as I was smiling at her. It was an impulsive action from me, as I have up to that point been nice and proper to my girlfriends kids. I forgot about the event, and weeks passed with everything seeming like usual at my girlfriends. Then a couple events made me wonder? At a Christmas gathering with my girlfriends family, another one her daughters (they are twins) boyfriends attempted to intimidate me a little bit in private. He is a karate instructor. He didnt say anything to me. He just displayed to me how fast he was. Then a few weeks ago the girl I flirted with best friend stopped by my girlfriends, and when no one was looking she batted her eyes at me twice. It was very obvious. I thought maybe she was put up to it to test me? This has caused me much remorse and guilt by what I did. Should I just be good from now on, or should I apologize to the girl, and confess to my girlfriend? Am I overreacting and my guilt getting the best of me? The whole family like to flirt, but I may be held to higher standard cuz I'm just the boyfriend? I don't want to hurt my girlfriend, or cause disturbances in her family, but I'm afraid I may already have?

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  • I think your guilt may have you reading into others actions when there is actually nothing to read.

    Forgive yourself and let it go, you didn't do anything that crosses the line.

  • apologise and admit that's what i'd do if i were you

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