I have opened Pandora's Box. My

I have opened Pandora's Box. My neighbors had a big bash for their son's birthday. There was lots of people and relatives and other neighbors. I started talking to this girl named Stacy. She was on summer break from college.

Well, I stayed after the party and I helped everyone clean up and tear down everything. I was getting ready to leave and I saw a black car roll down its shaded window. It was Stacy. She told me she thought I was interesting and wanted to hang out. So I walked up the street to the park. And it was on!

She didn't even say much, clothes just started flying off and we were knocking it out in her tiny car in the park. We traded numbers and I was like, cool. whatever.

Well, she called me. Now, I knew this was nothing but trouble, but I don't get these opportunities everyday, so I tried to blow her off and she said she would embarrass me if I did not see her. I was thinking, OK, possible, psycho.

Well, we ended up at an expesive hotel on the beach drinking champagne under the stars. It was on like Donkey Kong! We did it on the beach, the lawn, the pool chairs, then when we got upstaris to our room, she had a red and white school girl outfit on and we got freaky in the hotel. I looked at the clock and it was 6 am and I was late for work. I called in sick.

So we partied some more and then I was like, look, we got to chill on this, I got a life, we can do this, but you got to chill, understand? She was like yeah, yeah, I understand.

So that night I go back to my house. I am still drunk and in l*** with this girl. She consumes my every thought right now.

Well, I am at work and she will not quit blowing up my cell phone. She calls my office and now I am p*****. She said I had to see her right now. I was like, I told you you need to chill, well she wasn't having it. She pulls up to my work, f****** stalking me at this point, and calls my cell. She said, do what you have to, but you need to leave now, im outside. F***, I was incredibly turned on, This girl is 17 years younger than me and has me on a f****** string.

I got a killer room right on the water and we went across the street and bought a case of champagne. Well, I haven't been to my job in two days, this chick is totally into me, I have a home and a life, and I must say, this is the best mid life crisis I could ask for!!!! I know I am wrong for tappin dat ass, but, whatever, you only live once! no regrets! I am in puppy love for the first time in many decades and it is awesome!!!!

S**** RESPONSIBILITY! I love you Stacy! You turn me on! More ways than one!

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  • Crazy girls have a way of turning men into puppies!!

  • The shrink is right. Fiddy Cent said it best, "I don't spend my time chasing a b****, I chase the money cuz ho's come with the s***"

  • Yes have all the fun you want. Just act your age and make sure you take care of business. Business before pleasure because good business is what birngs pleasure. Tell her that she has to wait until after work. Because if you loose your job, then there's no money for the champagne, and hotel rooms. And why could she come to your house? Other than that do you.


  • lol

    Thanks for giving me a good laugh dude. Have fun.

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